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Worship Letter from whiteboy Andrew 💖

My new whiteboy slave in Australia is hooked already! After getting drained for a quick $500 he wrote this:
Since I met you you have changed my life. If we never talked again or never had a relationship then I wanted you to know that I will never be the same person ever again for having to got to know you. Already you have changed my life for the better and I wanted you to know the positive effect you have had in my life and why I think I am a better person for having known you for such a short period of time. And it is for these reasons that I will love you no matter what happens in the future. 
You have taught me about female supremacy which was a concept for me and not a life style. For me this means that I do not have to be a weak “loser” but I can be a man and be proud of it. It means that I value your decisions and your guidance above mine and I want the same thing as you, even though I don’t know what those decisions are. It means that I value you and your happiness above mine but it also means that I am not going to be miserable and unhappy and have nothing. It means that I will get true happiness from making you happy and in return you will want to reward me. But I don’t do an of this for a reward, I do it because when I please you then I find true happiness. 
I think about you all the times and I want to be with you in person. I never want to be a mindless slave. I always want to be focused on you and making you happy. I want to show you what it truly means to your jaan to be focused on you. I love that you would permit me to come up with my own ideas to take you on a date or to plan an outing. 
So how has my Goddess changed me since we met? I know that I am really submissive and even though all my relationships to date have me being in control, since you started giving me rules I realise I can never go back to that again. I will never be that person again. I have realised that I am a selfish person. I struggle to think about serving. I don’t want to be that person and I want to change. I am not there yet but I am working on it with or without you. 
I realise that I use the word “I” too much (I understand how ironic this sentance is). I need to think about using the word “you” much more. I want to give you all control as a sign of how much I trust you and how much I want to be apart of your life. I want to enrich your life and make you so happy and to always focus on pleasing you. 
I have fantasies about us together.  I think about taking you to dinner, then going to a gold class cinema. All the time holding your hand and being with you. I think about us cuddling on the couch together. I think about me coming home from a really shitty day at work and felling stressed and being able to tell you about it. I imagine you listening to me and helping adjust my thinking or just listening and understanding. 
Most of all I think about asking for your guidance and what I should be doing or thinking. I want to be led by you Goddess. 
Some things you have awakened in me is the desire and need for a FLR. It’s not a kinky thing, it’s a way of life that I really want and need to be apart of. But I have never known this about myself until I met you. All of your decisions to date have been so sound and so logical and I think to myself that I should have done that myself. I know already your decisions are better than mine. I just wish I could of had you in my life earlier. 
I know that at this point in time I need you much more than what you need me. I really feel a need for you. I can’t be without you. You are my life, you are my reason for existing (even though it took me 41 years to find you). You are my everything. 
However I want some things from you. I want you to help make me better for you. I want you to teach me to be the best partner i can for you. 
Goddess I love you. Please don’t leave me. Please help make me better for you. I love you. 

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