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Surprise from SLave Cal

My stupid white boy Slave Cal is supposed to be buying Goddess a new Mac computer but his dumbass keeps screwing uo the order.  Apparently, his personal credit card has his home phone number listed on file so every time he orders something for Goddess….they call his house.  His flat ass having wife answers the phone and says the order is a mistake.  I told his bitch ass to get it straight cuz I dont give 2 shits about his wife….ALL I want is my new Mac.  Slave Cal claims this is why he got Goddess her very own Visa thru amazon to avoid all this confusion.  In the meantime…my bitch cal sent these GORGEOUS RED ROSES to try and make up for his stupidity and buy him more time to get the Mac order straightened out.   I must admit, these are the most BEAUTIFUL flowers I have ever seen…



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