Ebony GoddessFinancial DominationMOST STUPID WhiteBOY EVER!NEW Giftsslave cal

slave cal keeps spoiling GODDESS

Still reeling from making GODDESS wait for MAC computer,
SLave Cal spoiled his owner with gift certificates to my fave spa here in Atlanta.
Stupid bitch sent one for Mom’s too!





My Goddess,

I think I figured out the problem.  I had changed my phone number to my cell so there would be no more calls to my home phone.  This must have caused the problem with the billing address.  I am so sorry, I am not good at this.   If you have any questions I will be out in the field today but you may reach me at my cell.  I enjoy belonging to you. I have not looked back after jumping off that cliff.  I am yours for as long as you will have me.

Your slave


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