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dan Armstrong 🤡 Return of the foo

dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong || Web Application Developer
GeneDx || Informatics

Phone: 301-519-2100 x 6428

Remember this foo..dan the whiteboy that flies planes🧑‍✈️ aka dan Armstrong. I guess he couldn’t stay away any longer after stalking My site EVERYDAY!!  he messaged Me on chat said he was drunk and BEGGED Me to bully him out of his cash LOL.  Well that was easy.  he  gave Me more info about him when I asked becuz he a weak ass pussy. hehehehe…his ID his work info even his cell phone.  What a dummy!!  I called him immediately and he sounded like a pip squeak all timid and shy then HUNG UP ON ME!!! I think he really can’t believe that I actually called a loser like him!  It’s a dream come true.  Don’t worry dannyboy you will hear from Me all the time now lol calling texting I am going to drive you CRAZY 😈  you whiteboys really are pussy and I LOVE IT.  makes it so easy to take advantage of you

 these 3 beauties were on my doorstep within 48 hours!!!  I like  dumb dumb dan he has favor with amazon because his orders shipped super fassssst! keep it up ho😍 I won’t more more more I deserve it!

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