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Return of Slave who???

Hi Ms Beauty

Thank you for considering me as your slave again.  I have really missed you, you are so sensual, beautiful and intelligent. I have thought a lot about you and inevitably I came back asking to be yours once again.  I really need you, I believe you understand that. but at some times I have seconds thought, just like I did last time when I left you. I think the best way to keep me from having these bad thoughts at those few short times is to blackmail me. Just to keep me in line.  I really want this to be a long lasting relationship where you can take advantage of my weakness towards you. I  really like surrendering before you.  I look forward to this and I hope this can be very rewarding for the both of us.

Regards …YOUR Blondie Boy

Blonde Boy sent Goddess $300 to take him back as my Bitch and bought me a new Juicy Couture Wallet off my AMAZON WISHLIST 🙂  I’m not playing around with his ass this time around.  I will keep him in line all right!

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