New SLave ALert $$$

Another LOSER dying to serve has been contacting me and sending me gifts from Amazon 🙂
He is from Lebanon and very influential in his country. Another educated intelligent man wanting to be MY BITCH… He says there are NO Black girls there. Too bad for him. Shit…GODDESS needs to visit Lebanon and enslave all those Bastards!

Check him out:

EDITED….Money Boy bought me a PRADA bag to have his info removed…you will see it when it arrives 🙂

Letter from DUMBASS

I am an accomplished, very fit, educated “alpha” white male,used to giving orders, supervising over a dozen people…and now becoming a slave to Ms Beauty. I contacted her out of curiousity, just wondering what it might be like to IM a little with a dominant, beautiful black female. Certainly I could handle myself. I was older, more experienced, a grown man..and very wrong..Look at her web site…the body, the confidence, the sweet smile, the innocent dancing eyes, the outfits..that short hot skirt with those killer legs…the superior look the hat provides, the confidence as she tells you up front that she controls weak white boys and she is a greedy goddess. The truth is that she could wear anything and look hot, and make me weak. She is teaching me that she is superior to me, that I should be her slave and serve her…she has outsmarted me, seduced me, ordered me about like a puppy, and I have gradually broken under her beauty and skill. She has found out my weaknesses and dives into them without mercy, reducing me to a helpless, male dishrag. Her legs, fit, strong, shapely…her ass…chocolate, smooth, perfect…and she uses them like a weapon, teasing, taunting me, and reducing me to a begging, groveling whipped puppet. I keep fighting, resisting, used to winning, but I cant…and I realize more and more that if she so decides, she could have me as her total slave, doing her chores, bringing her dinner, sending her more money than I ever planned, because if I dont, she might dismiss me and never allow me to be broken live, her slave to dismiss or demand anything she chooses from me. She has shown me that a woman, in this case, a powerful beautiful black woman, can take an accomplished white man like me and reduce me to a whimpering slave. I have no doubt that if she continues, I will be totally helpless and humiliated..she will get me to sign any contract she chooses, say and do anything she orders….and I cannot stop it…my usually strong willpower is useless against her. She is a beautiful Black Goddess, capable of taking white boys like me and doing with us what she chooses…..I have never begged a woman for anything in person, kissed a womans ass in submission, been spanked by a woman since the age of 5..and this could all end if she sees fit….she is in charge, she is a Goddess…she is Ms Beauty….and I am quickly becoming another white male slave.

Let’s Go Shopping

DumbASS just messaged me with the good news:

From: “” Subject: Your Visa Card is now ready. Congratulations! Your new Platinum Visa Card (ending in 19639) has been approved and added to your account as your default credit card. You can use it to make purchases exclusively at–where you’ll earn triple reward points! You’ll receive your card in the mail within two weeks, after which you can activate it and start earning reward points when you use your card to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

Ordered just for ME…as I deserve!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ PLATINUM BABY !!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Dr DumbASS

Would you believe my number one boy DUMBASS happens to be a PhD in medical research. He is well known for his studies across the country.
WOW….I took a well known respected educated intelligent man and made him my BITCH!

Damn I’m good….Goddess is pleased