Jersey boy JERKS OFF

All work and no play makes for no fun for Goddess. I love for my favorite white boy dick jersey boy to jerk off on cam for me. Nice big cock believe it or not! I informed my loyal slave that it was time to promote him and give him more duties. Anything I ask from my dick boy…he provides so I knew he could handle more orders from me.

Goddess has been working on my skin care regimine making sure I stay nice, smooth and chocolate! I assigned my slave to call an upscale spa in San Francisco to buy my special skin exfoliator. He turned on his cam and proceeded to dial the phone number. So exciting and arousing watching my dick boy call and place an order for me. He did it all just as instructed.

For a job well done…I let my white boy whip out that big dick of his and jerk off for me. He loves it when I watch…ME TOO 🙂

DumbASS is a FREAK!

Read this pathetic email from freeky DumbASS:

I cant help thinking about this live meeting…and wondering how you get me to the point that you “break” me-so that all I want to do is please and serve you… fantasies keep racing to what could happen to get me to that point…of course, you determine what happens-these are just my images/fantasies/fears…

-what is it really going to be like to be on my knees, see your ass waving in front of me and hearing your orders “KISS MY ASS..NOW…AGAIN…TONGUE OUT….LICK…over and over

-being on my back as you pin my shoulders down and slap my face lightly back and forth, teasing and mocking me….and I can do nothing about it..

-you switch from that position, now facing my feet, straddling me, as you lower your ass onto my face, grinding it into my face as you tease and taunt me as a big, strong man unable to do anything to stop you…and as you order me to kiss, lick, worship..telling me I need to have your smell imprinted on my brain so I never forget what you did to me and who I belong to

-you hog tie and gag me with your used panties..and walk around me laughing as you take photos….pantied up for the photos…

-you decide that I am your puppy…I am on all 4s-naked or pantied…sitting up, begging, panting, barking on command, one bark for yes, two for no as you tell me what a good doggie I am for the camera..making me bark on my work anwering machine or your machine so you have it to keep…

-over the knee, spanking until I beg you to stop….promising to do anything….making me feel like a helpless 5 year old

These are the most humiliating things I can think of that would leave me broken…I am sure you have others….but then you are not finished….you decide I need punishment after you leave…you give me your panties you wore on the stairmaster…you gag me with them or put them on my head/face looking through the leg holes, with another pair in my mouth..again, so I never forget the smell and taste of my Goddess..when you leave, I am ordered to go into the corner, panties I am wearing down to my ankles, red ass visible, nose in the corner, ass stuck out for another photo, and I am to remain there for 30 minutes…and/or have to wear the panties on my face to bed all night..and/or wear to work your work out panties days in a row (ugh…) or a red ribbon around my cock..and can only sit in a stall when I go to the bathroom-no urinal-since I am hardly a real man after what you put me through…

If I move from the corner before 30 minutes and you come back and see me, you tell me you will hog tie me naked on the front lawn and put the sprinklers on….

I imagine after the facesitting especially and the worship and your other ideas, I will no longer think of fighting, but only of how I can make you happy and be a good white slave for you……

Keep in mind, thinking of this and doing it are 2 different things. I will tell you I can’t, it is too much, too soon, beg, say “no” tentatively, etc…I will of course never be physical no matter what, but will try to convince you not to keep humiliating me..but I am beginning to think that as you move along, especially after the facesitting, that I will be broken….

After 2 days of being banned, your gallery prompted this email…not just that one photo that always works, but strangely enough, the one of you with the hat, full length, with the black short outfit….your legs and ass always knock me for a loop…and your legs in that outfit look so strong, fit, and shapely…….I even imagine you getting me in a head scissors with those thighs and providing me with the ultimate humiliation…physically dominating me until I have to say “I give” to your power and beg you to let go…

Okay, that was exhausting just writing it! I do get a bit more nervous as we get closer to meeting….now you know why!!! My imagination runs wild….!

I know I will regret writing this, but if I am to break, there can be NO MERCY in your humiliations, except of course, the public outing..confidentiality is VERY important….I wonder what you will do…once, in Baltimore, I remember seeing a woman wearing a very hot outfit standing on a very busy corner, while a man was on his knees meekly tying her shoes….now I know what must have been going on..I should have followed them!!


New Slave ALert $$$

Goddess is relaxing this afternoon after swimming for quite awhile yesterday. My niteflirt lines will be on…never too tired to verbally trash you losers….and take your $$$ 🙂

You boys must be bored with your wives and girlfriends by now…all weekend with them is quite a bore I’m sure. Can’t wait to speak to Ms Beauty and stare at my pics.

Speaking of, I need to see who it is buying all my Niteflirt pics this afternoon.

New slave perhaps??? Not quite a piggie…more like a piglet!…nice little young white boy from England. Awwww that’s so cute…spending his lunch money on Goddess.

Of course I deserve it. Piglet paid my  gas bill too. He’s so thrilled with the idea of filling up my tank every week. So nice to be loved 🙂

DumbASS is a pussy

Finally the heatwave has passed…whew. Very nice and sunny day. Going to a family BBQ and pool party today. Should be lots of fun.

My #1 White Boy DumbASS has pissed me off AGAIN in attempt to be a SMartASS. He is such a PUSSY. Runs to me…runs away over and over. Now he has limited access to MY visa account. Perhaps he is afraid of me having MY own card??? Who knows…All I do KNOW is that it better be fixed by Monday BITCH. You will be SO embarrassed when I tell Keith and T what you have been up to

Off to the pool ….

New SLAVE Alert $$$$

Goddess has many admirers lurking out there in Cyberspace 🙂 No need to hide and jerk off to my site and pics like a Total LOSER !!
YOu can be my new slave. Don’t be afraid…well…. hehehehe

Ms Beauty has a new boy in the Midwest…didn’t get a chance to find out too much about him though. After he paid his tribute and bought some of my pics..I fell asleep…LOL

Oh well, it was 3am, he was very lucky to catch me at all! We will chat more later so I can figure out if he can be of any use to ME.

Lots of new gifts in the mail…havent had a chance to take pictures but I will get to it. Heard from Chase Bank about my Platinum Visa funded by DumbASS. My new card with my name on it should be arriving any day now since I was approved to be added on the account. Make sure you check the mail everyday DumbASS and get it before Wifey…LMAO

Off to the gym…Ass day…oops I mean Abs day for GODDESS
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Very Very PLEASED

Bill Bills Bills

Goddess has been busy paying bills today…or shall I say DumbASS has been paying them. I had to set up online bill pay for my new credit card funded by DumbASS. He is so lucky to get to pay some of Goddess’ bills, like my car note 🙂
He gave me all his personal info including his home address and social security so I have COMPLETE and TOTAL access.
I even changed the login and password to amazon much to the dismay of my slave! I can’t wait for my new gifts to arrive. Lucky for him…amazon had a BIG SALE!! LMAO

DumbASS (6/28/2006 7:18:44 PM): Hi…beautiful Black Beauty…i could not access the amazon account?
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:42:26 PM): i know u could not access MY account
DumbASS (6/28/2006 7:42:46 PM): how do you know that…..
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:43:03 PM): why do u think dumbass
DumbASS(6/28/2006 7:43:43 PM): i dont know….
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:50:20 PM): dumbass
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:50:24 PM): i changed the pass
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:50:31 PM): how does it feel to be locked out
msbeautyistheboss (6/28/2006 7:50:34 PM): like u did me
DumbASS (6/28/2006 7:50:59 PM): what??? you didnt…that cant happen….lock ME out…

and more:

DumbASS (7/2/2006 1:59:14 PM): I need to get this amazon password fixed so you know it is possible for me to have some balls…..


DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:19:40 PM): yes..okay..yes…kiss..okay…i cant help it..shit
msbeautyistheboss (7/2/2006 2:20:03 PM): repeat after me
msbeautyistheboss(7/2/2006 2:20:11 PM): I AM YOUR BITCH
msbeautyistheboss (7/2/2006 2:20:18 PM): AND I WILL OBEY
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:20:36 PM): i am your bitch…and i will obey…i will
msbeautyistheboss (7/2/2006 2:20:59 PM): THE AMAZON ACCOUNT BELONGS TO MS BEAUTY
msbeautyistheboss(7/2/2006 2:21:18 PM): SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE PLEASES
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:21:19 PM): the amazon account belongs to ms beauty..yes ma’am
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:21:43 PM): oh shit…no…yes…she can do whatever she pleases
msbeautyistheboss (7/2/2006 2:21:59 PM): AND
msbeautyistheboss(7/2/2006 2:22:14 PM): SHOP TILL SHE DROPS
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:22:14 PM): and
msbeautyistheboss (7/2/2006 2:22:26 PM): BECAUSE SHE OWNS ME
msbeautyistheboss(7/2/2006 2:22:38 PM): I AM HER # 1 WHITE BOY
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:22:52 PM): yes…shop till she drops…because she owns me…
msbeautyistheboss(7/2/2006 2:23:04 PM): GOOD BOY
DumbASS(7/2/2006 2:23:20 PM): i am her #1 white boy
DumbASS (7/2/2006 2:31:18 PM): i cant blieve i got blocked out…you made such a male ass out of me….i get the card, yu spend money…then i cant even access….

and again today:

DumbASS (7/3/2006 11:31:18 AM): Hi…beautiful Black Goddess…i am not trying to bug you about amazon…but I have to be able to check the acct….

Will this FOOL ever get it????

New SLAVE ALert! $$$

Goddess has been very busy today…errands, beauty salon, and nail salon. My new slave from Germany, is so enamored with Ms Beauty that he is dying to be my beauty boy. He sent me enough to pay for all of that and my dinner! Mmmmmmmm goddess loves sushi 🙂

cute toe design…


More gifts in the mail from MY amazon card! DumbASS even bought a new scanner for my girlfriend…


Check out my new IPOD

What great fun I had breaking in MY new amazon PLATINUM VISA credit card. My #1 DumbASS reluctantly gave me all the info I need so now it is officially MY account. I can charge whenever and whatever I want…turns out the Bitch has excellent credit and received an extremely high credit limit. SURPRISE 🙂

Viewing my loveliness on cam seems to be more than he can handle. He turns into a big WIMP and does whatever I say…and tells me anything I want including his wife’s phone number in case I need to call and tell her what a BAD BOY her hubby has been. Doesn’t look like I will need to do that anytime soon seeing that DumbASS is completely under my spell and wouldn’t dare disobey me.

Going to play with some of my new toys now!