New SLave Alert

New SLave Alert $$$

A new white boy slave hit Me up on Niteflirt


I am honored to be goddess new bitch I am so unworthy of serving such a beautiful black goddess I know I’m hers forever I only hope I can please her and be her best sissy possible I know that this is a privilege and it’s an amazing feeling as soon as she said I’m hers I felt like a new life was given to me thank you goddess I’m so excited to start my day being owned by you I know this is what I was meant to do thank you for this wonderful opportunity I done even deserve you giving me the time of day so I hope I can measure up to your standards and maybe one day meet you…


I haven’t named it yet let’s see how this turns out.  My new bitch contacts Me thru Niteflirt chat ONLY paying for EVERY word he says to Me thru text.  I LOVE that 😍. I think I may keep him.

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