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New Slave Alert👨🏻‍🦰



look at it erect… lmaooooo


Looks like it’s Time for a NEW lil dick loser in My stable.  My new bitch in Florida is definitely the smallest piece of meat I’ve ever seen!!!  It looks like a blob of flappy skin when soft and a deformed wart on hard. Yuck 🤮

Despite his shortcomings My new bitch makes a great slave cuz he loves to SPOIL ME! I promised to keep his secret of his severe lacking manhood from his coworkers and family,  and in exchange he buys Me lots of gifts💕

little d… his Ex girl named hIm that and I kinda like it.  Well little d sent Me cash 💰 bought Me new Jordan’s and kicked off the New Christmas 🎄 wishlist buying Versace, Diamond 💎 earrings nail polish 💅 and supplies for My beauty biz. Good job bitch!

The New Holiday wishlist is UP AND READY yayyy🎉🎉🎉🎁🎄I first started making a separate wishlist for Christmas in 2009 so this is My 10 yr anniversary for My holiday hoes🎅🏻 you boys that ❤️ Love to shop for Goddess for Christmas. I picked out some awesome stuff too… ur welcum bitch😍



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