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New SLave Alert 💲💰💸

I named him faggylovespink in Denmark:
I was recently looking for a perfect beautiful goddess to serve and please. I never thought I would be so lucky as to find what I was looking for. While searching the web, I stumbled upon I immeadiately knew Goddess Ms Beauty was the one I wanted to serve and please. I got excited reading about how she uses her slaves and laughs at them. She is just amazing and perfect.
I sent her an email to enquire if I could be of some use to her. Lucyk for me she was online and replied right away. I was hooked right away. I love how abusive and mean she can be, yet she is so beautiful and irresistable. I sent her a tribute and now I’m really excited about being her playtoy. Amusing her, making her laugh is all I want to do. She was even so nice as to send me a picture of her beautiful bum, so I can use it as my screensaver and kiss(worship it every day. I’m very greatful to Goddess Ms Beauty for giving me the opportunity to worship and please her. It’s as if she reall knows me and what I was born to do.

I wish I lived near my Goddess, so she could take my stuff from me, destroy it and just laugh in my face. I would just be greatful, because it would amuse her. I hope to one day be lucky enough to get her used items to worship. Maybe just some used gum that she has stepped on…
I hope to please my Goddess very much in the future and hope she will have fun abusing me and maybe dressing me up so she can laugh. 💖👩👜

thanks for the movie tickets faggy…I think you may be useful to Goddess afterall 🙂

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