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New Slave ALert $$$

The other day I got this little note in my email:

Hello Goddess.  I have been following your site for a few months now and I can’t keep myself away any longer.  I have only dabbled in the financial domination biz but I have never seen anything like you.  They way that you truly own your slaves is something that I don’t think that I’ve seen with any other Domme, it is remarkable.  I see that you currently don’t have a footbitch; this is an absolute shock.  I’ve been fighting this for months but cannot any longer; how can I become your footbitch?

After detailed instructions, my new Loser rushed to my FOOTBOYS wishlist and bought his Beautiful Goddess these new shoes.  Aren’t they sexy???  I usually don’t accept gifts for a first time tribute but this time I made an exception.  I am glad I did because I absolutely LOVE my new heels.  Hopefully this new Bitch will serve me LONG time and buy me more sexy shoes.  So far my new Bitch has been too scared to see them on cam or chat with me again.  What a PUSSY!!! That’s okay though.  I know my footbitch is reading this now and can’t wait to buy me more More MORE!  Face it bitch…I am irresistible don’t try and fight it 🙂

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