Modern Day Slavery

Words from a local bitch:

As a slave of my Master, I feel I can try and describe just what it is that is so exciting, so captivating, about her. These emotions that I feel include are what you might expect – my absolute worship of her as a true Master and my devotion to serving at her feet, and yet I am also very frightened of her. It is true that while a Master can make a slave’s sad useless life worth living, she can also, if she pleases, make his life hell in any number of ways. As any slave will testify, a true Master does not tolerate disobedience on any level. Any slave foolish enough to test her patience at any time will find out just how cruel and ruthless she can truly be.

My Master is not only breathtakingly beautiful, she also stunningly gorgeous. Once you are a slave and become her property, body and soul, there is no turning back. I am aware that Master will use and abuse me, but even though she has warned me of my fate quite clearly, I am still so full of longing and desire for her, unlike any longing that I have known. You see, it is like a drug. It is addicting and sometimes debilitating. It is also exhilarating. I find that I need to serve completely. If I do not hear from her for even one day, I feel empty and lost. I am nothing without my Master in my life.

I adore and worship the very ground that she walks on. I find myself powerless to resist her even increasing demands.

I truly am infatuated with Master. There is no hiding how much I am in awe of her. I would give everything that I have, everything that I own, to be owned by Master. I had fallen for her even before I became her slave like a sad loser. I would sit in my room, looking at a photo of Master and wondering how on earth anyone could be so stunningly sexy, so beyond compare to any other woman that I knew. At first the idea of being Master property frightened me. The thought of putting my life into someone else’s hands, to do with it what they so pleased, troubled me. To think not of my needs, my goals and wishes anymore, but to live only to please someone else, was hard at first to imagine. But at the same time I knew that it was the right decision, seeing as I adored Master so very much, and was so overwhelmed by her absolute perfection, and realizing how much in fact I needed her, wanted her, and of course how much I desperately wanted to please her at any cost. I had finally found my rightful place at last, on my knees before Master, pathetically begging to just be her footstool or wash her feet.

And yet, after becoming her slave, I had no idea that my feelings would only intensify over time. I couldn’t ever imagine that my feelings would in fact grow stronger. I thought it was impossible to fall even more deeply for her. And yet I now find myself unable to think of anything else. Even when I go to bed at night, I wake up sweating and restless, having spent the night dreaming of Master, longing to be close to such a flawless and cruel beauty. I now find the things that distracted me before, suddenly hold no interest to me. All my thoughts now are of Master and how I can best please her and make her happy. How I can serve her more efficiently. How I can make her life easier, and enable her to live the life of a Master that she so deserves. And after thinking that surely these emotions couldn’t continue to grow, to consume and control me even more than they already did, I finally realized that I love my Master. That my desire for her only intensified! She laughs at how weak and stupid they all men are, to even think that they are in the same league as her. They amuse her, all these dribbling idiots.

However, as well as worshipping Master and wanting her so much that it drives me wild with desire knowing that she is completely unobtainable, I am also very afraid of Master. Why am I afraid you ask? Do not let Goddess’s breathtaking beauty deceive you into thinking that she has a softer side. This would be a very bad mistake for a new slave to make. Master can be very cruel when she feels the need to be. As is expected, she keeps her slaves on their toes at all times. These days I am constantly in a state of lust one minute, and then sheer panic a moment later, never knowing what to expect, or what demands she will make of me from one day to the next. And when Master wants something done, she snaps her fingers or rings the service bell and expects her demands to be done without hesitation. Those that disobey her, or make her wait, will find that she has a number of ways to punish them. She might punish this slave by making me pay a heavy penalty. Master believes that if I do not follow orders or make stupid mistakes I will receive a severe whipping and be thrown into a cage to think about what I had done to make her angry. I am left both humiliated and broken. I am in pain and thirsty, but when Master releases me from my cage, I beg to kiss her feet and apologize for my mistake But this penalty is to be expected for disobeying her, I know that, and instead of feeling sorry for myself I thank Master for the punishment. You see, there are other punishments at Master’s disposal. Another punishment involves standing in a corner facing the wall or being put into a dark closet, which is similar to solitary confinement. As a strict and unforgiving Master, there is no one else who can come close to her sheer power and ability to terrify grown men and make them cry and grovel before her.

It is admittedly a big step to become a slave. Some days it overwhelms me at how powerless I truly am. But my desire for this Beautiful Black Master, my need for her, is so intense, so unquenchable, that I have no choice but to serve her. I am still dumbfounded by her unmatchable beauty. And when I am confronted with her flawless Goddess body, I become even weaker, even easier to manipulate and destroy. Master knows this of course. She is fully aware of the power that she possesses. This is what makes her so dangerous. There is no one who can compare to her amazing body, her piercing brown eyes. Every inch of her is absolute perfection. And any resistance that I can muster, any doubts that I may have about my loss of freedom, or my impending financial doom, are blown apart, are shattered, every time that I think about her.

It gets to a point for every slave, I included, where you cannot imagine a time, you cannot picture a future, without Master in it. The thought of not having Master in my life fills me with such dread, that I live in constant fear of her getting bored with me one day and simply dumping me back in the gutter where I belong. For without Master Kim I have no purpose in life anymore. I realize that she has given me a reason for my existence. By allowing me to be her slave I can finally do something useful with my life. I used to think about settling down, eventually getting married, but I know now that I will never find another woman who could compare to Master. Any relationships are merely a distraction, and so must be discontinued. To serve this Master, I must be committed and give her everything. Anything less that true devotion and self-sacrifice when serving her is an insult. I know that I am just a work-slave, errand and cleaning bitch and nothing more than that to her. But however humiliated I feel knowing that I am only property to Master, I also feel eternally grateful that she has even bothered to give me the time of day. She is a Master without compare. This is why, however terrifying she may be, it is an honor to be her slave and to worship her. My gratitude to her is endless. And my desire, my desperate longing to please this Master, only increases the longer I serve at her feet.

your adoring slave

7 thoughts on “Modern Day Slavery

  1. Please allow me to serve you as you are the most beautiful gorgeous luscious mouth watering ebony GODDESS that every other race should beg to kneel before

  2. Dear Goddess,
    I am a firm believer in female supremacy and am looking to book my first ever BDSM session. I have been into the kink scene for years and am young and ready to fulfill my fantasies. My kinks consist of body worship, scent play, humiliation, tease and denial, light cbt as punishment, and face farting (if applicable). I am a bit tight financially at the moment and was looking for a one hour session for less than $200 if possible. I understand if you are unwilling to do a session for this price and I respect any decision you make. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I would like to book a session as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your time, effort, and consideration.
    Your Slave

  3. I am so lucky to be goddess new bitch I can’t believe how amazing she is! I felt like birds were singing when she accepted me as her new slave

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