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Ugly UK Bitch


To Ms Beauty

Please forgive it for bothering You. Thank You so much for accepting it as Your slave. it does not deserve to have such a beautiful Goddess as Yourself having control over it. Please find attached a picture of its debit card to prove this control is absolute. If you wish to do so, posting this picture (with name showing) on Your website confirms mutual agreement to the terms and conditions of this email.

By sending this email it confirms that You have full control of its tsb bank account and have its full permission to use its debit card and login to its online account as and when You wish. it fully understands its only purpose is for You to extract the maximum amount of cash out of it You can using any means necessary (including blackmail if required) regardless of its wishes and needs or how much debt it gets itself into. it fully accepts this arrangement is permanent and can never be broken except by Yourself no matter how much it begs You to please stop. it has always been its fantasy to be completely powerless to the demands of a beautiful, black, dominant Goddess as Yourself.

it will be getting refunded £50 into its account hopefully in the next 24 hours and will be getting £146.20 in less than 7 days time on Friday at approx. 01:00 UK time. it fully understands Your domain name is not for nothing and fully accepts Your decision to take however much You feel necessary.

Thank You so much for yesterday/today, its begs Your forgiveness for being so much trouble. it hopes it will be easier for You in the future now that You can take its cash without needing to ask first.

it fully understands it means nothing to You and You owe it nothing other than using it as a toy for Your own enjoyment and fully accepts if You wish to take its money but choose not to talk to it.

from Your property



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