Chink bitch

UPDATED!!! check this loser out:

jason linkedin page

jason freelancer page

jasons boring blog

jason bakke

jason bakke street media

this is jason bakke…a wanna be smart asshole tried desperately to INSULT Goddess after begging for MY attention for years now….”it begs to be blackmailed into debt, Ms. Beauty…i have given so many Queens and Kings blackmail material Who didn’t use it to slave’s disappointment

Blah blah blah ok ok chink ho I will blackmail you!  Against My better judgement I entertained this loser even though I didn’t expect him to follow thru.  Well of course this deceitful ho bought a few gifts sent a little cash and pledged his life to Me faking like he was a real slave.  After making all these promises, chink ho disappears.  TYPICAL!!

So being the ruthless Goddess I am, I decided to do a little google search on this ho and found a bit of info.  I managed to discover his work blog and left a little message and this is what this motherfucker replied to Me:

jason bakke chaedrol


All of these rude insulting messages calling Me sagging, thirsty, even Rupaul…which by the way is not an insult.   Rupaul is a beautiful STRONG black Man and Woman whatever he wants to be!   The nerve of this lil dick jerk.  Well since I get so little traffic, I’m sure he wont care that I am sharing all of this.  I am making this dicklet his own page on  here too…click CHINK HO above.  I will be coding this entry and his page with lots of SEO keywords and soon anytime anyone googles Jason Bakke…this is what they will find.

I know this piece of shit will be back on My site snooping around rubbing his lil dicklet very soon.  I can’t stand lying shit hoes like jason.  It is unnecessary and ANNOYING!!  Poor pathetic loser trolling women on the internet…how boring his life must really be…