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Heyyyyy Hoessss 👦🏼

I know its been awhile since you have heard from your Queen but I’m here ALIVE and WELL.  Ms Beauty has been working on her beauty😀 among other things.  I am REALLY in love with My new face steamer from My bitch that flies planes.  It helps keep My skin hydrated and enhances My heavenly Chocolate glow🍫  I haven’t heard from him in awhile but I know he still visits My site…thanks ho 😘


I got NEW gel polish and a UV lamp so I can do My own manicures woohoo🎉. Not sure who bought but I can’t wait to use it.  The dumb bitch johnnyboy who got Me the iPhone bought Me a bunch of essential oils too.  I can use in My steamer and in My homemade soaps…thanks ho!  They were very expensive…ching Ching.  johnnyboy hit Me up late one night and had the dumb idea to give Me his credit card info.  Of course I used it up as a Greedy Goddess should.  Then dumb dumb got cold feet and closed the card.  What a prick…well it was fun while it lasted.  I don’t know why you hoes offer so much then change your mind.  That really pisses Me off.  Now he is blocked and regrets being a pussy.  Next time THINK TWICE white boy!


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