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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Quick post for my Hos as I sit at the spa getting a pedicure, manicure, and foot massage. Finally stopped raining here from all the storms in the Caribbean so we get to finally get to enjoy a sunny day here in the ATL. Goddess has to get her feet done and get pampered and German SHIT Pig was eager and grateful to pay for it. I logged into Yahoo on my macbook PAID for by BlondieBOY. Within minutes, my German SHIT PIg logged in as well. I reminded Shit that he is my Piece of SHIT WhiteBOY, My Property, My Bitch and it will work HARD as I continue to live in luxury. SHIT was very tired from a long day at work but what do I care? I reminded SHIT that it should always be tired from working as hard as possible for its PIMP. SHIT readily agreed and was honored to pay for PIMPS day at the spa. This Bitch QUICKLY sent 100 euro to pay for my beauty day AND lunch. SHIT is such a good BITCH….always eager to Please and spoil whenever it can 🙂


mmmmm….foot massage feels soooooo GOOD!


i know you wish you could paint my toesies dont you Bitch???

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