Apple World🍎🖥️

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My new desk setup…Mac mini, trackpad, mouse, and keyboard from atl hoe, monitor from sissyfag aka pig🐷

Hope you hoes had a great Thanksgiving🦃  I only got to see a few family but I did get lots of grub🍗  and a bottle of Cliquot🍾 Today, its time to do some organizing.  Look at all 0f the computers you dummies have bought for Me over the past decade…I LOVE IT!!  And these are just the ones I have left ALL IN WORKING CONDITION!  I must admit I am a Mac addict. They are the best and they last for yearssss if you take care of them of course.  These are from sissyfag, freakyboy, blondieboy, atl hoe and wimp.😘  I need to shout out sissyfag aka pig 🐖 for the MOST computers bought with a total of FOUR!!! including a macbook for My mom & sister and a desktop for My nephew… and TWO iPads lol…What a TRICK!!!🐽 

For starters…I am going to build a media station so I have systems just to create and edit content.  I added a standing desk to My Christmas Wishlist🎁. you can buy it HERE whiteboy…and I also require a new keyboard too. oink oink click here ho.

My nephew gave Me one of his old computers since he has a newer laptop now but I promised him some new headphones in exchange.  atl hoe you can get those HERE! since you good at getting technology…I see you whiteboy!!  Which one of you is going to get them first???

Valentines Day Love 💘💘💘

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Thank you wimp. 💋 Another surprise for Goddess. My weak white boy in the UK surprised Me with gifts from My wishlist. 🎁  100£cash, a visa gift card, face cream and brush.  Most of all I love the gorgeous silver necklace.  It is so shiny and pretty that I can’t wait to wear it when the sun comes out.  wimp ALWAYS finds a way to spoil Me no matter what is going on in life.   While the rest of HOs sit back on the sidelines doing nothing wimp comes thru. Thanks bitch.

wimp gifts


Thanks for the Birthday Gifts🎁

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Thanks bitches I LOVED My birthday gifts. Shouts out to wimp, honky, tampafootbitch👣, and some random loser for the awesome pressies🎁  Gucci sunglasses, lipstick, nail polish, gift cards, fox fur booties and CA$H💰 woohoo!! I also got 2 cute dresses for spring including the perfect little black dress…thanks wimp😘

My bitches NEVER let Me down.


Purple Gucci and purple lipstick…u boys know what I like💜

More Christmas Goodies🎁🎀🎄

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Yes yes your lovely Black Goddess is still receiving Christmas gifts yayyyy!! So overjoyed you bitches really came thru this year and SPOILED ME right…of course as I deserve!

lovely Marc Jacobs wallet from some random boy 

Dior shades from whiteboy looooser in Norway!


My favorite candle YUMMY smells delish 


Gucci shades from wimp in the UK


Gorgeous burgundy boots that match My new Leather jacket from wimp!


diamond watch from slave titi…what a surprise!!


furrrrrrrr booties from sissyfag jennifurr


Needless to say Goddess is VERY Pleased.  
Amazon Christmas Wishlist for 2016 is Complete.  

Thanks bitch

Merry Merry Christmas Presents🎄🎁👢👒

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My wimpy white boy in the UK LOVES to buy Me shoes, boots, hats, all that good shit!  he knows I deserve to be spoiled in any possible way as often as possible.  I have to admit that I AGREE!!!  My loser bought Me this gorgeous hat and matching boots for Christmas.  As soon as I added them to My wishlist…I knew wimp would buy immediately.  he knows Me well 🙂

My other loser in SC got Me the burgundy leather jacket.  I didn’t realize all of it matched until I was playing in My closet today.  WOW I do have great taste!  And…I have great bitches who buy Buy BUY for Goddess.  So far cunt and wimp in the UK, sissy fag in Lousiana and a random loser have all bought Me Christmas gifts.  Of course My gift card slave has been busy too.  The rest of you sorry bitches better get to My list fassssst and spoil Me quick or you will be IGNORED in 2017.  Don’t test Me white boy.  As soon as I dismiss you…more losers are in line to take your place.  Get to it bitch oink oink.