New Slave Alert🧔

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awww looky here at My new bitch on his knees looking a fool lol.  My new whiteboy slave in Florida was googling “financial domination” and then found Me!  How lucky  he is 😃.  dummy told Me his real name and where he works…even a bit about his ex gf.  his info was easily verified thru Linkedin.  I can’t wait to see how useful he will be to Me….afterall it is all about ME!!!  lil dick white boys should be grateful to serve at My feet👣 look at his dicklet and scrawny little leg…he is weak and pathetic the perfect little cuck for a strong dominant FEMALE.  Just like many before, he BEGGED to be blackmailed and used for the sorry little bitch he is.  Then of course he changes his mind!!! The nerve of this idiot.  You lucky I talked to you at all at 3 am white boy…you will do what I tell you to do from now on….you bitches know I HATE TIMEWASTERS!!  Anywhoo dumb dumb sent me cash, gifts from My wishlist and an amazon gift card in return I won’t show his face 😆 well I won’t for now….

yes I spent it all ho…

New Slave Alert$$$

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Goddess has a new slave in Germany!!! a footbitch loser My favorite!!!  white bitch contacted Me on chat and begged to be My new bitch.  he says he LOVES Goddess beautiful black feet and knows his place…on his knees worshipping the ground I walk on.  white boy sent Me cash so fast and bought Me shoes.  oink oink.  I love My new red heels boy👠
A few words from My new bitch:
I found Goddess Ms Beauty as i was on google looking for a real and true superior black domme Goddess who knows how to train slaves. I looked at her web site fotos and got stunned by her beautinessand her adorable feet. I was very lucky Goddess replyed me as i was writing to her in her online chat because at that time i didnt tributeted to her. After a while talking she made me tribute … in a very demanding way … i a greatful and happy Goddess accepted my tribute. A while later she made clear she expect me sending heel n bootcash as well. I was exited n happy for permission to choosed a pair of her heels. She saind now it is official that i am her new bitch.
Thank You Goddess Ms Beauty
Sorry for bad english Goddess

Tampafootbitch Buys more Shoes👠👣

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These heels are SEXY as hell don’t you agree?  Leopard and chocolate go well together. lol. Thanks ho in Tampa


Order after order footbitch had a blast buying Me lots of new shoes. Heels, sandals, booties, you name it this bitch bought it.  oink oink


Red suede booties so sexy and sophisticated.  My perfect Goddess toes will look so hot in these!

Sandals with feathers fit for a Queen👑

White boys Always Pay for Dinner🍤🍸

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White boys love to take Me to dinner.  Last night a local boy took Me out in hopes of being My new bitch.  he even brought Me flowers what a sweet boy!  Not sure yet how I can use him but I will be sure to keep you hos posted.  Nosy asses dying to know who is working HARDER to take your spot!  I see you trolling!   Level up bitches.

crab cakes, halibut, pomegranate martinis YUMMY thanks bitch!


From Snow to Sun🌞

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This Atlanta winter is the craziest! It literally snowed like crazy the last couple of days and today it was 70degrees.  The sun was out all day and I LOVED it.  I got to wear My new wedges freakboy bought Me this Christmas.  Don’t they look cute with My blue pedicure toes💙

thanks freakboy…they are PERFECT😘