Happy Birthday Queen 👑🎂

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you boys know My favorite place to be to celebrate the Holy Day of Goddess’ birth🎉🎂 at the nude beach in My birthday suit!  The sun ☀️ is so perfect and there is so much to see 👀. BTW…My Cavalli shades are from atlhoe, diamond heart from sissy fag and  🍎 Watch from chink 🥡

The views are amazing 😍 YES he had BBC!

Don’t forget to send gifts you hoes know what I like🎁

Monkey See Monkey Do 🐵

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Goddess has a NEW SLAVE right here in Atlanta!!!  As expected he is a scary ass pussy bitch afraid to meet in person but at least he shops really well 😍hopefully one day soon he will work up the courage to meet Me here in the city and bring Me lots of cash💰

I have had a crush on you for a long time. You are so beautiful.  I’ve been thinking about submitting for basically my entire life. And you’re really magnificent.  I think I am addicted to your power over me.  I didn’t expect you to have so much power over me so quickly. But all I can do is daydream about giving you money. All freaking day it’s all I think about. 

My new bitch  gift wrapped My present just like texas bitch yeehaw🐎

he paid for My flight to LA at the end of the month with these gift cards…thanks bitch!

And I hope you have a great trip to LA. Don’t ever forget how beautiful you are.

New Slave Alert 💲💲💲

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I am so glad I found you Goddess and I am so lucky that I found you. You own me Goddess and I am your slave. Please I will do what ever you want and I will wear those panties so that you can make me a sissy fag. I can’t wait to serve your desires.


YES once again Goddess has a NEW slave to use and abuse!!  There seems to be a never-ending supply of white boy losers who can’t wait to serve and obey.  This new loser lives in South Carolina and found Me on niteflirt.  he had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he contacted Me.  Two hours and almost $600 later he soon realized what was in store.  this dumdum asked Me to blackmail and control him.  Of course he didnt think I could really do it.  DUH….of course I can.  I am GODDESS this is MY world.  Next thing you know this boy gave Me everything I needed to keep him in line.  Not only did he spend tons of cash on Me…he is now My travel bitch.  Lucky boy…he gets to pay for all My travel and vacations as long as I say.

It didnt take long for him to send Me pics and express his desires to serve, obey, and suck big black dick!  This My bitch now…I will keep him to use at My will.  My new bitch knows I will expose him if he doesn’t obey.  Ask for blackmail you will get it bitch!   First trip PAID by My travel bitch,  MANY MORE to go…oink oink muthafucka! 🐷🐖

Country Getaway

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He HOs…I enjoyed my trip to Atlanta and Alabama to see my fam.  Moms has  a family farm in Alabama so we decided to do a little four wheeling while there.  The countryside is beautiful and relaxing.  But, being a LA city girl, I can only take this peace and quiet for a few days lol.  It was fun hanging with my sister and cousins a few days.  Anywhoo, you get to DROOL over my soft black leather boots from driveby J.  Sexy huh??


Over the knee boots Driveby J, Grey leather jacket sissy fag, Dior shades random loser, $$$ for trip…ALL YOU BITCHES!!! lol


Throwin up the “L” lol… yes for you LOSER!!