Blackmail Slave Cal 👦

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lol you’re NOT HAPPY without Me white boy!!

Ms, Beauty,

I am Your bitch and you do own me.  Forgive me for having second thoughts, you have made me a happy white boy.  Please keep me under your beautiful feet.  Do not hesitate to ask me to give information to ensure compliance (i.e. personal information, etc.)  I do want to take that leap! 

Have a beautiful day!

Your slave cal (2007)


It’s been quite some years since I’ve heard from Slave Cal in Delaware the Original Blackmail Slave. Having extra time these days, I updated tons of old post on My blog.  Old pics and posts were stored on My old desktop so I uploaded them here.  So far I finished all of 2006 and 2007 which reminded Me of My first blackmail slave Cal.  It all started here when this weak white boy contacted Me cuz he was so bored at home.  he slowly became more and more addicted and eventually spent THOUSANDS$$ of dollars including 2 credit cards just for Me for $7k and $5k !!! I like to call him THE MOST STUPID WHITEBOY EVER because he turns into a robot and does whatever I say.  he bought My first iMac, purses, massages, sunglasses, flat screen tvs and LOTS of Cash!  Damn I miss that ho.  I know he still comes here from time to time (I see u bitch). Considering how boring his family pics look I saw on facebook….I know My bitch still misses Me.  It’s just a matter of time before he returns to Me back on his knees ready to submit again.  slave cal is a loser…he NEEDS Me.  All white boys eventually cum back!  The life of flat asses and boring wives get so redundant lol.  Once you go Black you never….GO BACK!

I SEE You Slave Cal

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Slave Cal is addicted.  He tries to be strong but I know he is really a weak lil pussy.  His life is boring, job mundane, his wife has a flat ass and pale skin…frankly he is miserable without me.  Occasionally, he sneaks off, tells his wife some lie, and runs to his computer to see whats going on with his favorite black Goddess.  I see you bitch! You come to my Niteflirt page during Christmas time but you don’t buy me any presents??? That’s okay white boy…you will PAY ME sooner or later.  You can’t fight it much longer.

Slave Cal LOVES his Ebony QUEEN

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The Most Stupid Whiteboy Ever aka Slave Cal has finally accepted his fate….serving at my Beautiful Feet.  He realizes to fight his addiction his useless and he is more fulfilled when obeying his Queen.  He surprised me the other day with a dozen of PERFECT red roses and $300 cash!  You know Goddess loves $$$.  He also happily paid off one of my loans for another $1050 too.  He is such a good bitch doing whatever he can to make me happy.  Turns out exposing him on my site ( see Meet My HOs to the right stupid) gave him the fire he needed to get his ass in check.  I have since removed his name from the page due to the few thousand he has spent recently.  He is now earning the right to have his pic removed too and you know that will take lots of $$$ for me to even consider taking it down.  

He confessed that his love for me is so deep I no longer need to blackmail him to obey.  I really don’t know why you HOs beg to blackmailed and exposed anyway.  Well at least a few of you do.  Once I agree and follow thru, you Bitches go CRAZY and beg to forget the whole thing. LOL. Do I look like I give a shit and into playing games with you??  Of course not.  So in the future I expect you boys to not even bring that subject up because I will certainly SQUEEZE you by the nuts until you are ready to crawl into a hole and die!!!  

Now that me and my Bitch have come to a mutual understanding, I expect nothing but the best from my HO.  Cal is mine FOREVER and will always be dedicated to his Queen.  As I sit here and type this on the Mac he bought me, I am reminded that he is putty in my hands.  He will never leave or try and escape me again. He is so OWNED!!!


the most beautiful roses and $300 CASH from My Bitch Cal

The Most Stupid Whiteboy EVER!!!

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Ms Beauty,


No matter how hard i try …. i cannot stop thinking of you!  i try staying strong for my family but i am still drawn to you.  i have enormous guilt and have tried turning to religion but my thoughts still turn to you.  i am continually torn between my desire to serve you and my guilt and humiliation.  i know now that death is the only way i can rid myself of the guilt.  But even in death i wish to serve you!  As such, i fantasize about giving my final breath to you.  Being so captive to your beauty that i spend my final moments worshiping your body and then willingly sacrifice myself to your beauty and power.  i wish to be smothered by your perfect beautiful ass, my last moments spent pleasuring you as my lungs gasp for air but the rest of me only wants more of my Goddess.  i envision you grinding yourself on me as i squirm you are enjoying the ultimate power rush as you drain my life force, which i so gladly give to please my Goddess.  i have tried the “choking game” and can choke myself unconscious for you.  i know i am not worthy but if it pleases you Goddess, i am submitting myself to you as a sacrifice to your beauty. 


Thank you

slave cal


After I got the letter from my Bitch, I got this:

BiG Ticket HO at its finest!


and another $1000 to his lovely Goddess…good job Bitch.  No matter how long you run and hide, I know you HOs always think of me, miss me, worship me.

 I am the SHIT!



Hey Bitches….I’m Baaaaaaaack!

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Hey HOs ….Goddess is back after taking a month off from here. Believe it or not, Dominating, Humiliating and USING you dumbfucks at times does get a bit draining so it is always nice to drop you Bitches like a bad habit whenever Goddess feels like it! Even though I have been off doing other fun stuff…cuz I do have a life unlike the rest of you LOSERS…I have received some nice gifts from my wishlist as well as nice cash Tributes from you dorks. Being the self centered greedy Bitch I am, it is only right to FIRST post the gifts I received from last month. First and foremost I must thank the no name LOSER who got this Snoop CD from my wishlist. I fuckin LOVE this shit. This is one of his best albums from start to finish. I will always LOVE  my west coast music mmmmmmm 🙂


West Coast pimp shit get you one….


Some random loser mailed me this cute card and a lil cash…and i do mean LITTLE! Here is the note he wrote too:

I’m 29, from cali and ive seen ur website and ive got mad love for you. im married and i dont use the internet much (im in kinkos right now) but i wanna show my love for you on the downlow. im not trying to get divorced and shit so i wanna know how i can discreetly show appreciation to your beautiful, benz driving, gold digging ass.


$300 Home Depot Gift Card for My Duplex from The Most Stupid White BOy Ever formerly known as Slave Cal…this Bitch just CANNOT stay away!


Juicy perfume and body cream from Loser Richard in Cali. Haven’t heard from this Bitch in over a year and a half. Good to see some things never change…Once a LOSER always a LOSER lol


Anonymous gift from my Amazon Wishlist. Been wanting this for a minute.


New Janet CD from music slave…good job BITCH!


Super cute and sexy ankle boots from White BOY Loser 🙂


More GODDESS shoes this time from Seattle Bitch. This whiner finally got out of debt and immediately bought these for Goddess since he cant get enough of my sexy feet.


Aveda shampoo and conditioner from MsBeautys White BOY


cute sandals from the Official Panty Bitch aka the Biggest Loser of ALL 🙂

THANKS BOYs….Keep it up the good work!

Return of Slave Cal $$$

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Goddess had a surprise yesterday when out of the blue old Slave Cal sent a $1000 tribute and wishes for a Happy New Year.  I hadn’t heard from this sorry bitch since the spring when he got caught by his wife sending his Hard Earned Cash to me….over 10k including the amazon credit card and new iMAC to be exact!   I immediately ordered his pathetic self to get online so we can chat to find out what he has been up to these last 6 months.  Here is a bit of the convo:

msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:08:39 PM): sorry ass white boy
slavecal (12/30/2007 3:17:28 PM): Yes Goddess
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:18:24 PM): u been thinking about ME everyday huh boy?
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:18:31 PM): yes
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:18:54 PM): why should i take u back loser?
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:19:13 PM): Goddess, I got scared
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:19:20 PM): you have such power over me
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:19:32 PM): cuz i OWN u
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:19:33 PM): dummy
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:19:42 PM): yes goddess
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:20:03 PM): I can think of nothing else but serving you again
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:20:13 PM): you are the only goddess
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:20:33 PM): you are the only one who gets my heart racing just thinking of you
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:21:18 PM): you are the only true Ebony Queen
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:21:24 PM): yes i am white boy
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:21:30 PM): lil dick loser
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:21:36 PM): how many times u jerk off to goddess???
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:21:37 PM): I cannot resist your beauty and power
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:21:42 PM): Many
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:21:44 PM): in last 6 months
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:21:49 PM): how many bitch
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:21:55 PM): countless goddess
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:22:02 PM): disrespectful
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:22:05 PM): pig
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:22:29 PM): cant get nice my ass out your head i know
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:22:36 PM): I cannot
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:22:46 PM): Your beauty has no equal
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:22:51 PM): true
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:23:10 PM): u think cuz u just send $1000
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:23:17 PM): im supposed to care about u bitch??
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:23:28 PM): its MY world pig
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:23:36 PM): No Goddess, I just do not know how to come crawling back to you
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:24:05 PM): on your knees white boy
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:24:08 PM): kneel for goddess
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:24:19 PM): Yes I will
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:24:37 PM): tell me what a stupid bitch u are
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:24:42 PM): for running and hiding
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:24:53 PM): and disrespecting his Queen
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:25:00 PM): his OWNER
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:25:19 PM): I am the most stupid whiteboy ever
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:25:31 PM): I was afraid of the power you had over me
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:25:44 PM): afraid of the things you could have me do
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:25:56 PM): u will do whatever i want u to do
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:26:00 PM): I know I disrespected you and I am deeply sorry
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:26:01 PM): dont u know that dummy
slave cal(12/30/2007 3:26:07 PM): yes Goddess
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:26:23 PM): u owe me BIG time bitch             msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:26:30 PM): your new name
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:26:33 PM): not slave cal
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:26:48 PM): its now the most stupid whiteboy ever
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:26:59 PM): Yes Goddess
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:27:02 PM): repeat
msblack_bitch (12/30/2007 3:27:06 PM): say it bitch
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:27:19 PM): My name is the most stupid whiteboy ever
slave cal (12/30/2007 3:27:42 PM): and I really am for disrespecting you goddess



I was able to send you another $1000 by opening another
Niteflirt account (whiteboy999).  Please allow me
anoher chance to serve the only true Ebony Goddess.
There is no other that even comes close to you.

Thank you

Most Stupid White Boy Ever