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I tried to be nice white boy then here you go disappearing again!  I offered you the chance to be free and go about your business but NOOOOOO you begged to stay then you ghost Me yet again!  How disrespectful white boy you obviously don’t know your place….My slaves HATE when you randoms disrespect Me.  Why don’t you guys check out this loser and his lame facebook page.  you can’t hide forever….

Ok ok white boy…I accept your payment and apology!  My whiteboy bitch was so DESPERATE to please Me that he paid ME CASH just like I like it AND opened an Amazon credit card for Me too!!  Good job bitch I will be maxing it out very soon 😃


Summer Almost Over😞

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you boys sent Me all these cute sandals and jellies this summer and soon I can’t wear anymore😢 damn summer went by so fast…guess its time to add BOOTS for you bitches to My wishlist so you hoes can click and buy.  I need a new footboy to worship these perfect black feet…will that be you??

Ms Beauty is in the Beauty Business 💄 💰

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Sooooo your favorite Goddess has a new hobby turned side business making skin products!!! Salves, oils, and scents Goddess is whipping up all kinds of goodness.  I use all natural ingredients and essential oils to make beard oil, body oil, and hand salves!  I must admit, I’m pretty good at it too!  This is my cuticle and hand salve…it is AMAZING!!!

I will be closing off My wishlist for a bit as I am only accepting gift cards right now so I can purchase only for My new business.  you bitches have bought Me TONS of shoes, clothes, perfume etc…Now I want your money to MAKE ME MORE MONEY oink oink🐽  Feel free to send amazon gift cards to if you would like to contribute to My new endeavor.  Thanks in advance ho…

A special shout out to My texas bitch yeehaw for kicking things off with an amazon gift card which I used to buy My products and start My business.  Good job bitch…aint he cute in his lil cowboy hat🤠 and an honorable mention to My atl hoe who bought Me some oils too!  The rest of you white boys need to CATCH UP!

I Made it To LA🌴

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Riding out in the 2019 benzo with My sister taking in this lovely Cali Sunshine🌞The weather is perfect… its as if Mother Nature herself knew I was arriving😁Of course My first stop was to the dispensary to get Me lots of treats 🌿My bitch in texas yeehaw eagerly sent Me 💰 thru cashapp so I can shop with HIS money NOT MINE lol…thanks bitch😘

weed, candies, chocolates and vapes WOOHOO!!

Next stop was the crystal and candle store to get Goddess protection stones  and for good luck too🍀


texas bitch paid for uber too so when Goddess goes to party NO DRINKING 🍷AND DRIVING


As you see…texas yeehaw bitch is now in the piggie club after spending over $1k 🎉🎉The rest of you hoes need to CATCH UP!!