Blackmail Slave Cal 👦

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lol you’re NOT HAPPY without Me white boy!!

Ms, Beauty,

I am Your bitch and you do own me.  Forgive me for having second thoughts, you have made me a happy white boy.  Please keep me under your beautiful feet.  Do not hesitate to ask me to give information to ensure compliance (i.e. personal information, etc.)  I do want to take that leap! 

Have a beautiful day!

Your slave cal (2007)


It’s been quite some years since I’ve heard from Slave Cal in Delaware the Original Blackmail Slave. Having extra time these days, I updated tons of old post on My blog.  Old pics and posts were stored on My old desktop so I uploaded them here.  So far I finished all of 2006 and 2007 which reminded Me of My first blackmail slave Cal.  It all started here when this weak white boy contacted Me cuz he was so bored at home.  he slowly became more and more addicted and eventually spent THOUSANDS$$ of dollars including 2 credit cards just for Me for $7k and $5k !!! I like to call him THE MOST STUPID WHITEBOY EVER because he turns into a robot and does whatever I say.  he bought My first iMac, purses, massages, sunglasses, flat screen tvs and LOTS of Cash!  Damn I miss that ho.  I know he still comes here from time to time (I see u bitch). Considering how boring his family pics look I saw on facebook….I know My bitch still misses Me.  It’s just a matter of time before he returns to Me back on his knees ready to submit again.  slave cal is a loser…he NEEDS Me.  All white boys eventually cum back!  The life of flat asses and boring wives get so redundant lol.  Once you go Black you never….GO BACK!

There’s a Rat in the Pack🐀

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I will find out who the traitor is in this camp! One of you pussy ass bitches tried to report My site, so in return I posted ALL of your ugly mugs for everyone to see! I will not remove your pics from the sidebar so don’t ask. I may not even bother updating all of the pictures that have to be added again. you don’t even deserve it…especially you lurkers I SEE YOU. Remember, I am the REAL Bitch, I don’t care about your feelings…I ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY 💰

In the meantime, you HOs know My birthday is next week! Click the birthday link above or below and buy Me a gift card bitch. I am going to LA for a week and I give you boys permission to chip in and PAY for it! u are Welcum 🙂

New music from SLave Cal

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If you pay any attention at all…
you know that GODDESS LOOOOOOOOOVES her gangsta rap music.
The easiest way to please me is to russsssssssssh to my WISHLIST and buy me a CD.
Needless to say I was THRILLED when I got these two in the mail.

Goddess loooooves lil Wayne…
His jet black skin is so SEXXXY and makes me soooo Weak!
Unlike you pasty white bland LOSER motherfuckers!!!!

Another Delivery Today!

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Good News Goddess,
Left work early to call Apple. They just need me to call from my home phone # to verify and they will then ship.  Everything is o.k. computer will be there they say Mar 2nd to 5th.  Possible Sat if you have UPS delivery on Saturday.  Thank you for your patience with me.  I hope all went well with the Western Union, I get very nervous at the possibility of disappointing you.  I spent my lunch hour calling and complaining to credit card company and Apple.  Rest assured your slave is trying his best to serve you.  Please let me know if all is o.k. with auto payment.  Goddess will not have to pay another car payment!   Let me know date to pay by if other than 1st.
Thank You

Your slave cal

slave cal keeps spoiling GODDESS

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Still reeling from making GODDESS wait for MAC computer,
SLave Cal spoiled his owner with gift certificates to my fave spa here in Atlanta.
Stupid bitch sent one for Mom’s too!





My Goddess,

I think I figured out the problem.  I had changed my phone number to my cell so there would be no more calls to my home phone.  This must have caused the problem with the billing address.  I am so sorry, I am not good at this.   If you have any questions I will be out in the field today but you may reach me at my cell.  I enjoy belonging to you. I have not looked back after jumping off that cliff.  I am yours for as long as you will have me.

Your slave