German Pigs are the WORST🇩🇪🐷

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Look at all these visits to My site from German losers in the last few days!  Coming everyday sometimes twice a day and still never speak to or acknowledge Goddess.  HOW RUDE!!! I hate that shit.  German boys are sneaky cheap and PATHETIC all the qualities I hate.  From now on any boy from Germany will be IGNORED.  I don’t have time to waste on such trash! Only if I see a tribute from you will I respond.  Otherwise  Verpiss dich du miese Schlampe!!

White boys Always Pay for Dinner🍤🍸

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White boys love to take Me to dinner.  Last night a local boy took Me out in hopes of being My new bitch.  he even brought Me flowers what a sweet boy!  Not sure yet how I can use him but I will be sure to keep you hos posted.  Nosy asses dying to know who is working HARDER to take your spot!  I see you trolling!   Level up bitches.

crab cakes, halibut, pomegranate martinis YUMMY thanks bitch!


I LOVE New Presents!!

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I LOVE nail polish!!! Thanks freakboy and lil dick


My favorite candle from Jersey Boy and skin cream from lil dick

Kitchen stuff and blue tooth mini boombox from lil dick and my local bitch


Jewelry from lil dick and some random loser!


These Jeffrey Campbell booties are the most!!!! Thanks Wimp 🙂