New Slave Alert👨🏻‍🦰

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look at it erect… lmaooooo


Looks like it’s Time for a NEW lil dick loser in My stable.  My new bitch in Florida is definitely the smallest piece of meat I’ve ever seen!!!  It looks like a blob of flappy skin when soft and a deformed wart on hard. Yuck 🤮

Despite his shortcomings My new bitch makes a great slave cuz he loves to SPOIL ME! I promised to keep his secret of his severe lacking manhood from his coworkers and family,  and in exchange he buys Me lots of gifts💕

little d… his Ex girl named hIm that and I kinda like it.  Well little d sent Me cash 💰 bought Me new Jordan’s and kicked off the New Christmas 🎄 wishlist buying Versace, Diamond 💎 earrings nail polish 💅 and supplies for My beauty biz. Good job bitch!

The New Holiday wishlist is UP AND READY yayyy🎉🎉🎉🎁🎄I first started making a separate wishlist for Christmas in 2009 so this is My 10 yr anniversary for My holiday hoes🎅🏻 you boys that ❤️ Love to shop for Goddess for Christmas. I picked out some awesome stuff too… ur welcum bitch😍



Throwback Thursday 🥩🍸

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Whiteboys ALWAYS pay for dinner!!! These wonderful memories (5 years ago today) of My local bitch in Miami who is a manager at a steakhouse serving Me and a friend dinner. It was awesome. All of his employees were staring wondering why he was catering to Me so much. They had NO idea he was My bitch.  The spread was AMAZING!! We both left stuffed and satisfied.

YES he even wiped my mouth in front of the entire restaurant!! It was hilarious as one of his servers saw him and laughed😆 My bitch loved acting all tough at work but as soon as I showed up he reverted right back to the lil bitch he really is.  Damn I miss him!


German Pigs are the WORST🇩🇪🐷

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Look at all these visits to My site from German losers in the last few days!  Coming everyday sometimes twice a day and still never speak to or acknowledge Goddess.  HOW RUDE!!! I hate that shit.  German boys are sneaky cheap and PATHETIC all the qualities I hate.  From now on any boy from Germany will be IGNORED.  I don’t have time to waste on such trash! Only if I see a tribute from you will I respond.  Otherwise  Verpiss dich du miese Schlampe!!

Ms Beauty is in the Beauty Business 💄 💰

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Sooooo your favorite Goddess has a new hobby turned side business making skin products!!! Salves, oils, and scents Goddess is whipping up all kinds of goodness.  I use all natural ingredients and essential oils to make beard oil, body oil, and hand salves!  I must admit, I’m pretty good at it too!  This is my cuticle and hand salve…it is AMAZING!!!

I will be closing off My wishlist for a bit as I am only accepting gift cards right now so I can purchase only for My new business.  you bitches have bought Me TONS of shoes, clothes, perfume etc…Now I want your money to MAKE ME MORE MONEY oink oink🐽  Feel free to send amazon gift cards to if you would like to contribute to My new endeavor.  Thanks in advance ho…

A special shout out to My texas bitch yeehaw for kicking things off with an amazon gift card which I used to buy My products and start My business.  Good job bitch…aint he cute in his lil cowboy hat🤠 and an honorable mention to My atl hoe who bought Me some oils too!  The rest of you white boys need to CATCH UP!

Luxury Gifts from Atl hoe 💻 💸 💕

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ahhhh YES a new Apple Mac Mini, wireless mouse and keyboard, and trackpad!!!  OMG I’m so excited I love new apple products.  BEST gift of the year…thanks bitch😄…now I just need the NEW monitor I already picked out (hint hint)

My new anonymous hoe here in ATL has outdone all you sorry bitches.  he managed to spend about $6k in June including My trip to LA, $2k in cash, sneakers, computers, jewelry, and tons of gift cards…BTW those sephora gift cards DID NOT WORK white boy.  The least you bitches can do is to followup and make sure all My gifts arrive and things are proper.  Instead, Goddess was HUMILIATED in sephora with My sister when the lady says “SORRY NOT VALID”  WTF!!!!  How fucking embarrassing.  you lucky you spent all that CA$H on Me and bought all those wonderful gifts…otherwise I would be pissed for the embarrassment.  Do better hoes…Don’t take Goddess for Granted!

My favorite perfume…the whole set too!  I will be smelling sooooo good Juicy Goddess wanna sniff💜