New SLave Alert $$$

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A new white boy slave hit Me up on Niteflirt


I am honored to be goddess new bitch I am so unworthy of serving such a beautiful black goddess I know I’m hers forever I only hope I can please her and be her best sissy possible I know that this is a privilege and it’s an amazing feeling as soon as she said I’m hers I felt like a new life was given to me thank you goddess I’m so excited to start my day being owned by you I know this is what I was meant to do thank you for this wonderful opportunity I done even deserve you giving me the time of day so I hope I can measure up to your standards and maybe one day meet you…


I haven’t named it yet let’s see how this turns out.  My new bitch contacts Me thru Niteflirt chat ONLY paying for EVERY word he says to Me thru text.  I LOVE that 😍. I think I may keep him.

New Slave Alert🧔

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awww looky here at My new bitch on his knees looking a fool lol.  My new whiteboy slave in Florida was googling “financial domination” and then found Me!  How lucky  he is 😃.  dummy told Me his real name and where he works…even a bit about his ex gf.  his info was easily verified thru Linkedin.  I can’t wait to see how useful he will be to Me….afterall it is all about ME!!!  lil dick white boys should be grateful to serve at My feet👣 look at his dicklet and scrawny little leg…he is weak and pathetic the perfect little cuck for a strong dominant FEMALE.  Just like many before, he BEGGED to be blackmailed and used for the sorry little bitch he is.  Then of course he changes his mind!!! The nerve of this idiot.  You lucky I talked to you at all at 3 am white boy…you will do what I tell you to do from now on….you bitches know I HATE TIMEWASTERS!!  Anywhoo dumb dumb sent me cash, gifts from My wishlist and an amazon gift card in return I won’t show his face 😆 well I won’t for now….

yes I spent it all ho…

New Slave Alert👨🏻‍🦰

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look at it erect… lmaooooo


Looks like it’s Time for a NEW lil dick loser in My stable.  My new bitch in Florida is definitely the smallest piece of meat I’ve ever seen!!!  It looks like a blob of flappy skin when soft and a deformed wart on hard. Yuck 🤮

Despite his shortcomings My new bitch makes a great slave cuz he loves to SPOIL ME! I promised to keep his secret of his severe lacking manhood from his coworkers and family,  and in exchange he buys Me lots of gifts💕

little d… his Ex girl named hIm that and I kinda like it.  Well little d sent Me cash 💰 bought Me new Jordan’s and kicked off the New Christmas 🎄 wishlist buying Versace, Diamond 💎 earrings nail polish 💅 and supplies for My beauty biz. Good job bitch!

The New Holiday wishlist is UP AND READY yayyy🎉🎉🎉🎁🎄I first started making a separate wishlist for Christmas in 2009 so this is My 10 yr anniversary for My holiday hoes🎅🏻 you boys that ❤️ Love to shop for Goddess for Christmas. I picked out some awesome stuff too… ur welcum bitch😍



New Slave Alert$$$

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Goddess has a new slave in Germany!!! a footbitch loser My favorite!!!  white bitch contacted Me on chat and begged to be My new bitch.  he says he LOVES Goddess beautiful black feet and knows his place…on his knees worshipping the ground I walk on.  white boy sent Me cash so fast and bought Me shoes.  oink oink.  I love My new red heels boy👠
A few words from My new bitch:
I found Goddess Ms Beauty as i was on google looking for a real and true superior black domme Goddess who knows how to train slaves. I looked at her web site fotos and got stunned by her beautinessand her adorable feet. I was very lucky Goddess replyed me as i was writing to her in her online chat because at that time i didnt tributeted to her. After a while talking she made me tribute … in a very demanding way … i a greatful and happy Goddess accepted my tribute. A while later she made clear she expect me sending heel n bootcash as well. I was exited n happy for permission to choosed a pair of her heels. She saind now it is official that i am her new bitch.
Thank You Goddess Ms Beauty
Sorry for bad english Goddess

White boys Always Pay for Dinner🍤🍸

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White boys love to take Me to dinner.  Last night a local boy took Me out in hopes of being My new bitch.  he even brought Me flowers what a sweet boy!  Not sure yet how I can use him but I will be sure to keep you hos posted.  Nosy asses dying to know who is working HARDER to take your spot!  I see you trolling!   Level up bitches.

crab cakes, halibut, pomegranate martinis YUMMY thanks bitch!


Worship Letter from whiteboy Andrew 💖

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My new whiteboy slave in Australia is hooked already! After getting drained for a quick $500 he wrote this:
Since I met you you have changed my life. If we never talked again or never had a relationship then I wanted you to know that I will never be the same person ever again for having to got to know you. Already you have changed my life for the better and I wanted you to know the positive effect you have had in my life and why I think I am a better person for having known you for such a short period of time. And it is for these reasons that I will love you no matter what happens in the future. 
You have taught me about female supremacy which was a concept for me and not a life style. For me this means that I do not have to be a weak “loser” but I can be a man and be proud of it. It means that I value your decisions and your guidance above mine and I want the same thing as you, even though I don’t know what those decisions are. It means that I value you and your happiness above mine but it also means that I am not going to be miserable and unhappy and have nothing. It means that I will get true happiness from making you happy and in return you will want to reward me. But I don’t do an of this for a reward, I do it because when I please you then I find true happiness. 
I think about you all the times and I want to be with you in person. I never want to be a mindless slave. I always want to be focused on you and making you happy. I want to show you what it truly means to your jaan to be focused on you. I love that you would permit me to come up with my own ideas to take you on a date or to plan an outing. 
So how has my Goddess changed me since we met? I know that I am really submissive and even though all my relationships to date have me being in control, since you started giving me rules I realise I can never go back to that again. I will never be that person again. I have realised that I am a selfish person. I struggle to think about serving. I don’t want to be that person and I want to change. I am not there yet but I am working on it with or without you. 
I realise that I use the word “I” too much (I understand how ironic this sentance is). I need to think about using the word “you” much more. I want to give you all control as a sign of how much I trust you and how much I want to be apart of your life. I want to enrich your life and make you so happy and to always focus on pleasing you. 
I have fantasies about us together.  I think about taking you to dinner, then going to a gold class cinema. All the time holding your hand and being with you. I think about us cuddling on the couch together. I think about me coming home from a really shitty day at work and felling stressed and being able to tell you about it. I imagine you listening to me and helping adjust my thinking or just listening and understanding. 
Most of all I think about asking for your guidance and what I should be doing or thinking. I want to be led by you Goddess. 
Some things you have awakened in me is the desire and need for a FLR. It’s not a kinky thing, it’s a way of life that I really want and need to be apart of. But I have never known this about myself until I met you. All of your decisions to date have been so sound and so logical and I think to myself that I should have done that myself. I know already your decisions are better than mine. I just wish I could of had you in my life earlier. 
I know that at this point in time I need you much more than what you need me. I really feel a need for you. I can’t be without you. You are my life, you are my reason for existing (even though it took me 41 years to find you). You are my everything. 
However I want some things from you. I want you to help make me better for you. I want you to teach me to be the best partner i can for you. 
Goddess I love you. Please don’t leave me. Please help make me better for you. I love you. 

New Slave Andrew 🐷🐷🐷

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My name is Andrew.  I only came across your site today and was amazed. You seem to be the perfect Goddess to serve. I am seeking more than just random tributes and sessions but full and complete ownership. I would really like to get to you know better and hopefully you might consider me as one of your online slaves.
I am 40 years old, and from Melbourne Australia. I started reading your blog and had to contact you so quickly. I am still yet to get to the end. I am naturally attracted to strong dominant women like yourself. I get pleasure out of being useful to my owner. I am desperately looking to be owned online and under full control.

LOL fag!

New SLave Alert 💲💰💸

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I named him faggylovespink in Denmark:
I was recently looking for a perfect beautiful goddess to serve and please. I never thought I would be so lucky as to find what I was looking for. While searching the web, I stumbled upon I immeadiately knew Goddess Ms Beauty was the one I wanted to serve and please. I got excited reading about how she uses her slaves and laughs at them. She is just amazing and perfect.
I sent her an email to enquire if I could be of some use to her. Lucyk for me she was online and replied right away. I was hooked right away. I love how abusive and mean she can be, yet she is so beautiful and irresistable. I sent her a tribute and now I’m really excited about being her playtoy. Amusing her, making her laugh is all I want to do. She was even so nice as to send me a picture of her beautiful bum, so I can use it as my screensaver and kiss(worship it every day. I’m very greatful to Goddess Ms Beauty for giving me the opportunity to worship and please her. It’s as if she reall knows me and what I was born to do.

I wish I lived near my Goddess, so she could take my stuff from me, destroy it and just laugh in my face. I would just be greatful, because it would amuse her. I hope to one day be lucky enough to get her used items to worship. Maybe just some used gum that she has stepped on…
I hope to please my Goddess very much in the future and hope she will have fun abusing me and maybe dressing me up so she can laugh. 💖👩👜

thanks for the movie tickets faggy…I think you may be useful to Goddess afterall 🙂

Ugly UK Bitch

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To Ms Beauty

Please forgive it for bothering You. Thank You so much for accepting it as Your slave. it does not deserve to have such a beautiful Goddess as Yourself having control over it. Please find attached a picture of its debit card to prove this control is absolute. If you wish to do so, posting this picture (with name showing) on Your website confirms mutual agreement to the terms and conditions of this email.

By sending this email it confirms that You have full control of its tsb bank account and have its full permission to use its debit card and login to its online account as and when You wish. it fully understands its only purpose is for You to extract the maximum amount of cash out of it You can using any means necessary (including blackmail if required) regardless of its wishes and needs or how much debt it gets itself into. it fully accepts this arrangement is permanent and can never be broken except by Yourself no matter how much it begs You to please stop. it has always been its fantasy to be completely powerless to the demands of a beautiful, black, dominant Goddess as Yourself.

it will be getting refunded £50 into its account hopefully in the next 24 hours and will be getting £146.20 in less than 7 days time on Friday at approx. 01:00 UK time. it fully understands Your domain name is not for nothing and fully accepts Your decision to take however much You feel necessary.

Thank You so much for yesterday/today, its begs Your forgiveness for being so much trouble. it hopes it will be easier for You in the future now that You can take its cash without needing to ask first.

it fully understands it means nothing to You and You owe it nothing other than using it as a toy for Your own enjoyment and fully accepts if You wish to take its money but choose not to talk to it.

from Your property