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I see you sorry ass hoes that didn’t buy Me 💩 for Christmas on My site everyday!! pathetic ass weak hoes you will NEVER change. My bottom bitch of the year freakboy spoiled Me with expensive gifts, including a SHINY NEW MACBOOK after 15 years of being My slave.  the rest of you pussies could NEVER.  he sure has cum a longggg way.  Starting out 15 years ago as a broke 20 year old college student to the grown man bitch he is now is amazing.  …you lesser hoes should take note!

to the rest of you no name losers sending 🎁  thanks bitch😘

beauty for Ms Beauty💕 face creams and amethyst massagers

love My new thermal water jug💜

from whiteboy in Cali💚

🔮 yea I’m with the shits

ooh lala MCM 💛

these will look GREAT on Me 👑

Drunk Loser Spends it All 💸 AGAIN!!

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My whiteboy in Minnesota LOVES to get drunk🍸 and trick off ALL his cash on ME😆 johnnyboy is sooooo easy when he lit off that licca!! Great for Me!  He went crazy on Cashapp emptying his lil account 🤑 thank you bitch

then he eagerly gave Me is Visa card to pay on My Klarna account.  he loves to get on My payment plan to buy Me lots of stuff 🎁. I picked up a few gifts for My family and YES,  I do tell My family when you dumb dumbs buy them gifts.  THEY LOVE IT!!  Hurry up hoes go sign up at Klarna so you can buy awesome gifts on a payment plan too!  Or you can always give Me your credit card number and PAY OFF My charges 🐽 oink oink!


Goddess Loves Diamonds💎

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Diamond starburst 14k White gold necklace sparkles so nicely on Me!  Another fine piece of jewelry paid for by My slave…Don’t worry you too can pay on My Klarna account and get Me more jewels…  Good job bitch.

BTW…don’t think you can give Me a few bucks and be featured on My site for your humiliation and pleasure.  The losers on My site have paid THOUSANDS to be humiliated and exposed.  And even if you do pay up, I will still delete you just because I DON’T like you!  Only slave cal will never be deleted because he is My favorite 😍 Sorry suckers!


And Another One💎

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I talked to johnnyboy recently because he had money for Me 😆he loves to disappear until he gets his wallet nice and ripe for Me to rape!  hit Me up to check in and pay on his Klarna bill 💰 johnnyboy is My new jewelry bitch since he has bought Me many nice NEW pieces lately.  This 14k white gold and diamond bracelet is divine✨ I absolutely LOVE IT!!  Lucky for him, I found it on sale so he got it for 60% OFF🥳. Don’t be jealous hoes…you can buy Me diamonds too with Saks and Klarna…Click here for My Saks wishlist.

johnnyboy bought these 14k gold earrings too. SUCKA!!

GoddessLoves GOLD🌟

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My new Jewelry from Saks paid for by johnnyboy is finally here.  My bracelet is PERFECT 💕 I love Saks OFF so much I made a wishlist there too! Now you losers can buy Me luxury items at 40-70% OFF!!! Make sure you select KLARNA at checkout for the payment plan.  They will break up your payment over 8 weeks to make it easier on you hoes.  Just add a credit card to sign up….you welcome bitch💸

14k gold starburst bolo bracelet 😍don’t worry you can trick off for Goddess too AND still save money!  Check out the new gift list …

SAKS OFF Wishlist

good job white boy 👍🏾