There’s a Rat in the Pack🐀

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I will find out who the traitor is in this camp! One of you pussy ass bitches tried to report My site, so in return I posted ALL of your ugly mugs for everyone to see! I will not remove your pics from the sidebar so don’t ask. I may not even bother updating all of the pictures that have to be added again. you don’t even deserve it…especially you lurkers I SEE YOU. Remember, I am the REAL Bitch, I don’t care about your feelings…I ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY 💰

In the meantime, you HOs know My birthday is next week! Click the birthday link above or below and buy Me a gift card bitch. I am going to LA for a week and I give you boys permission to chip in and PAY for it! u are Welcum 🙂

Jerseyboy Jerks Off!!

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Jerseyboy is a horny jerkoff king!!!  Watch him go at it getting his lil white dicklet hard from simply hearing My voice.  he is ADDICTED.  I have owned this white boy bitch  for 10 years now…there is nothing he won’t do for Me.  PAY STROK OBEY is the words this slave lives by. jerking off like crazy drives this boy wild…$250 later this is how his dumb ass looked….used, whupped, and drained lol. Just like I like it.  Look at all the dirty clothes on the floor…slob!




I LOVE New Presents!!

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I LOVE nail polish!!! Thanks freakboy and lil dick


My favorite candle from Jersey Boy and skin cream from lil dick

Kitchen stuff and blue tooth mini boombox from lil dick and my local bitch


Jewelry from lil dick and some random loser!


These Jeffrey Campbell booties are the most!!!! Thanks Wimp 🙂


It’s 100 degrees here DAMNIT!!!

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While I was very excited about my vacation here in Miami, I NEVER thought it would be this DAMN hot!  It actually hit 100 today and that is HOT as Fuck.  So me and my friends decide that we should definitely hit the beach but then right as we get ready…it starts to storm.  So instead we did a bit of shopping and I picked up a cute dress for the Alicia Keys concert tomorrow paid for by German Shit Pig 🙂  Last night we went to happy hour at Cafe Iguana which was packed.  After a few drinks we headed to the movies to check out the new Indiana Jones movie.  It was long as hell but entertaining if you’re into action adventure movies.  We may head back out to the mall later since Jersey Boy sent me another $140 email gift card from Nordstroms.  I LOVE THAT STORE. He still feels like a dumb piece of shit for cancelling a previous shoe order for me so he will do WHATEVER it takes to get back in my good graces.  Dumbass white boy thought he could live without me…didn’t even last a month.  That’s $360 in two days from his sorry ass…ALOT for a broke white boy bitch! LOL!!!      Looks like we’re not going to the mall afterall…now the storm is HUGE wind blowing thundering lightning!  Guess I’ll go take a nap instead  🙁

Off to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend!

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Well its that time again….VACATION.  I’m going back to Miami to rest and spend more time with the family who experienced the horrible loss last month.  They love for me to be around and I am so glad I can be there for them during these difficult times.  I’ll be gone for a week but of course will still be online and taking calls off and on thru Niteflirt.

As I was packing and getting ready, Jersey Boy came online and begged for my attention.  Last time we chatted, he paid my Gas bill  and ordered me these incredibly gorgeous sandals from  Then the little prick canceled the order after I let him cum!  I was SHOCKED!  This white boy has been my bitch over 2 years and he does this to me???  Well his sorry ass tried to whatever possible to make it up to me and begged my forgiveness.  He says now he lives with his girlfriend and is worried she will notice all the money he spends on me.  I told him I don’t give a FUCK about her cuz its ALL ABOUT ME 🙂  I made him pay my Electric Bill for $150 and the Gas Bill for another $20.  Then he sent a $50 email gift card from Nordstroms too.  He claims he was broke for now but I know he will be back for more abuse.  I OWN HIS ASS!!!

Off to the airport now so catch you HOs lata!

Return of Slave Who????

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Nothing more amusing than when one of my Bitches tries to leave and then cum back to Goddess.  Wifey, Girlfriend, Fear (HEHEHE) whatever the excuse, these same sorry fucks always cum back begging on their knees to be a part of my life again.  So entertaining for me as I am able to fully Exploit and Humiliate the traitor for ever trying to leave in the first place.  I love when they are weak and aching for me willing to do anything for my attention again.  This latest Bitch has been renamed too (Stupid White Boy not to be confused with The MOST Stupid WHite Boy Ever!)  After a few weeks of begging, I allowed him to pay my home phone bill only because he served so well in the past and with the little cash he had left he bought Goddess these flip flops for next summer.  Unfortunately his paying options are few due to his girl watching his every move.  I was able to squeeze a little out of him though with more to cum 🙂  Here are his words:

I tried to leave Goddess recently and it was the worse mistake of my life.  I was absolutely misserable during my time away from her.  She was the bright spot of my life, that which made me happy.  She is perfect and amazing and powerful and beautiful.  I knew after the first day without her I was lost.  I had lost.  I couldn’t stay away.  i was kidding myself.  She is my drug, my addicition,  She has me for as long as she wants me as I cannot escape her. I am hers.  I am so happy that I am back under her control though I feel like I always have been.  I cannot wait to worship her perfection.  She is my Owner.



home phone $88 (hehehehe)

My New Leather Jacket…about time!

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Ooops!!  Jersey Boy bought this nice blue leather jacket from my AMAZON WISHLIST and somehow his girlfriend found out!!!  DAMN HER!!! He said he doenst know how she found out but he has to leave me cuz he doesn’t want to break up with her.  They have been together for Years and he can’t explain to his family what happened if he continues to serve me.  I told him he will ALWAYS be my bitch and even if he tries to leave…he will ALWAYS think of me.  I’ll let him be for now cuz GODDESS aint tryin to be no girlfriend…to NONE of yall bitches!!  He’ll be back though cuz his girl dont have an ASS like mine!


Playing around on My MAC

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Im so used to my Windows PC that it is taking me a bit to get used to my new Mac from Slave Cal.  It seems like EVERYTHING is different.  I know I’m smart and all but I hate reading manuals and how to’s so I gotta figure it out on my own.  On top of that, I need new software that is Mac compatible now too.  I’m sure one of you LOSERS won’t mind getting it for me once I decide which ones I want.  Maybe I should do that now…go add some Mac stuff to my WISHLIST for you pricks to buy for me 🙂  I do love the built in camera though…kinda cool!  DROOL LOSERS $$$


Oh yea…Jersey Boy bought me this Crest teeth whitening kit too 🙂