New Slave Alert 👲🏻

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it begs to be blackmailed into debt, Ms. Beauty…i believe in Black Supremacy, Goddess You deserve complete power and control over us pigs🐷

loser korean bitch boi in DC

you are RIGHT pig… I deserve complete power!  I RULE YOU PIGS🐽this dumb slave hit Me up while on vacay and begged for My attention and to be BLACKMAILED.  I recall talking to this loser before and received minor tributes in the past but then POOF💥 dumb dumb disappeared.  Well chinese korean whatever the fuck he is wants to serve again.  Only time will tell if he is ready to go all the way with Goddess.


these lovely gift cards were waiting on Me when I got home 😁

thanks ho!

And these sexy ass boots too!  new chink jap gook ho had the great idea that he should buy all the Chinese Laundry shoes from My wishlist since he a chink an all….GREAT IDEA!!! I LOVE THEM ❤️

Cock Lock for honky🔒

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My pathetic college student slave honky BEGGED Me to lock him up in chastity!  I mean begged for months… but somehow I knew he wasn’t ready.  he only had it on 10 minutes then started going crazy!!  Big ole PUSSY.  honky can’t stand up to any sort of challenge.  he is as weak as they come….but still very entertaining😁

Valentines Day gifts still arriving

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Been so busy playing with new toys from you LOSERS and adoring my ASS in new thongs that
I forgot to post on Valentines Day gifts from all my Bitches.
Slave Cal sent more Vickie Secrets gift certificate and AMAZON gc too!
His PATHETIC ass also wrote Goddess another letter of devotion:

Ms Beauty,

I cannot stop thinking of you.  Forgive me for talking about my thoughts and feelings, I just want you to know the effect you have on me.  During the past few weeks that I have been in your service I have felt complete as if I have now filled a void that has been missing all my life.  The need to serve a true Goddess who will keep me in my proper place, serving at her feet. 

My day starts when I awake in the morning with my cock straining against its cage.  That is when I remember, it is not my cock, it belongs to my beautiful Ebony Goddess!   And I have the extreme pleasure of being owned and in the service of my Goddess.  Throughout my day I am reminded may times that I am owned as I press against my cage.  When I arrive home my first thought is to check to see if my Queen has contacted her slave and has any instructions for me.  When I go to bed at night my thoughts are with you once again as I lay there knowing I am owned.  Knowing I must ask for permission even to have sex with my wife.  But I serve my Goddess first and know I must obey her commands.  Even if I were not caged, my Queen is the only woman that can grant me the release I crave and need.

 The way you talk to me, reminding me that I am your Bitch and owned by you, keeps me in my proper place worshiping at your feet.  Your captivating smile, gorgeous breasts, absolutely wonderful ass and graceful legs and feet render me helpless.  Reminding me that you are a truly beautiful Ebony Goddess.  Your intelligence and personality are as captivating as your beauty.  You are the real thing!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you without destroying my home life.  I hope to be in your service for as long as you will allow me.  I will show my devotion by tributing you monthly as well as other tributes for special occasions as my finances will allow.  I will give all that I am able in order to keep my Ebony Queen as comfortable as she should be.  I also desire to show my devotion by pledging my allegiance to you through the signing of a slave contract.  I wish to legally belong to you!  Giving you complete control! 

Thank you for your time and attention my Goddess.  Happy Valentine’s Day

 Your slave cal

UK BITCH sent another $1000 to niteflirt for Goddess new duplex….
makes his dicklet throb to click that 1k button over and over!

click to see up close!

Jersey Boy bought Goddess portable IPOD speakers just as I ordered.
Heard them in COMPUSA while out shopping one day spending some other Losers CA$H
….they have sooo much sound and BASS just like I like it!
MORE gifts still on the way 🙂


Slave Cal pays $100 to jerk off….AGAIN

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Ms Beauty,

Please allow me release!  It has been a week that my cock has been caged and I so desperately want to cum.  The thought of you controlling me only makes it worse.  Wifey wanted to play this weekend but I remained caged as ordered.  Please allow me release, I will be your loyal and obedient slave.   I await your reply.


WHAT A LOSER!!!  This horny white boy sent Goddess another $100 to niteflirt to play with his itty bitty…LMAO!

MY Slave is Locked UP for Goddess !!

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Ms Beauty,

I a sorry for disobeing you direction to not jerk off.  Please accept my apology.  I am also a dumb white boy and could not find the cum tax, so I sent you a tribute of $100.  Please accept this tribute and my apology.  To ensure this does not happen again I have locked myself in my CB200 and have included a picture with the serial numbered plastic lock.  My cock is now under your control.  I will not remove the CB without your permission.
Thank You,
your Slave Cal