New Slave Alert👨🏻‍🦰

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look at it erect… lmaooooo


Looks like it’s Time for a NEW lil dick loser in My stable.  My new bitch in Florida is definitely the smallest piece of meat I’ve ever seen!!!  It looks like a blob of flappy skin when soft and a deformed wart on hard. Yuck 🤮

Despite his shortcomings My new bitch makes a great slave cuz he loves to SPOIL ME! I promised to keep his secret of his severe lacking manhood from his coworkers and family,  and in exchange he buys Me lots of gifts💕

little d… his Ex girl named hIm that and I kinda like it.  Well little d sent Me cash 💰 bought Me new Jordan’s and kicked off the New Christmas 🎄 wishlist buying Versace, Diamond 💎 earrings nail polish 💅 and supplies for My beauty biz. Good job bitch!

The New Holiday wishlist is UP AND READY yayyy🎉🎉🎉🎁🎄I first started making a separate wishlist for Christmas in 2009 so this is My 10 yr anniversary for My holiday hoes🎅🏻 you boys that ❤️ Love to shop for Goddess for Christmas. I picked out some awesome stuff too… ur welcum bitch😍



Another loser in Spain🇪🇸

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This sorry sack of shit loves to stroke his dicklet while drooling at Me on cam.  Look at him sitting at his desk at work yanking on his lil piece of meat while I verbally abuse and humiliate him.  Loser in Spain is what I call him.  he has been contacting Me for many years begging for attention.  It’s been awhile since I heard from him but I was happy to oblige his request.  I LOVE to laugh in his face and remind him of his lack.  Thanks for the cash loser…the easiest money I ever made 🙂

Guess Who???

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okay okay you win loser…you have the smallest dick I have ever seen!  I’m so grossed out looking at it.  Shriveled teeny weeny white boy loser cock is the worst.  you are truly pathetic and worth NO real woman’s time.  **hint **  No wonder you love to get high loser…lol.

Another Clitty in the UK

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Dear BLACK goddess; i am an inferior white boy who is envious of the power and beauty of the superior BLACK race; because i am white my cock is very small and i am naturally rather stupid; i firmly believe that all white pigs should kneel naked and lick the beautiful feet of all Black people; because i am white i am naturally submissive and need to be owned by YOU; slave michael xxxxxxx please accept me;


hahaha what a pathetic piece of a man here.  I have never seen such a small dick in My life.  I almost puked when the pic came thru My email.  white bitches like you are only good for your money.  you can NEVER please a real woman.  you just take your two fingers and diddle your pretend cock in hopes that it will squirt.  Me and this new loser chatted a bit while I raped him for a quick £200.  I ordered his weak wimpy ass to My footboy wishlist where he promptly purchased a fabulous pair for his Goddess.


he so dumb he bought them TWICE.  what a fuckin retard.  thanks for the heels clitclit

Dear Most Gorgous, Most Beautifull, all Powerfull Black Goddess, Your nasty white bitch has sent You a thank you present from Your wish list. i am Your pig and You truly are the BOSS, You have made me feel useful and wanted for the first time in my life . Many many thanks for owning me All You need to do is order me to make your life easy  and i will obey.

    michael Your very own little pig (oink oink oink)


I LOVE New Presents!!

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I LOVE nail polish!!! Thanks freakboy and lil dick


My favorite candle from Jersey Boy and skin cream from lil dick

Kitchen stuff and blue tooth mini boombox from lil dick and my local bitch


Jewelry from lil dick and some random loser!


These Jeffrey Campbell booties are the most!!!! Thanks Wimp 🙂