bitch jason is an idiot SMH

Sooooo …just as I was bragging about bitch jason chink ho still being under My control and  then seriously considering deleting his info since he complied with My requests, this dumb ho goes and does this:

bitch jason owes Me cash

What kind of pathetic excuse for a man sends money then takes it back, then takes back the funds reversal,  then takes it back again???  A lowlife pussy ass dicklet piece of shit type thats who.  Just as I was having a bit of kindness ready to move on and let him go he does this shit.  I hate you spineless hoes that make promises you can’t keep.  My account better get fixed FAST jason lee….

you have only begun to feel My wrath!!!

check this loser out:

bitch jason work blog 

jason linkedin page

jason freelancer page

jasons boring ass blog

jasons dumb bear blog –the clearest demonstration of a no life having loser


As you can see, this boring bitch has no life poor ting!  I wonder what else can I find…


Blackmail Chink ho👲

Now this is truly PATHETIC!! What kind of dumbass contacts an online Domme, BEGS to be blackmailed, then reports the payments as fraud when they don’t get their way???  A weak ass bitch thats who.  Jason Lee or Jason Bakke  aka blackmail chink ho whatever the fuck his name his is the MOST DISGRACEFUL SLAVE I have ever witnessed.  I have been online since 2006  raping hos, getting cash, and spoiled with tons of gifts and even making friends ALL OVER THE WORLD ( I see u lil dick😊) and here comes this ho trying to be My enemy.  The audacity and arrogance of this fucker is like nothing I have ever seen.  On top of that, he likes pay for play with women AND men.  That’s right bitch, I know of a few Masters you have paid on Niteflirt…sending them pics begging to suck cock.  I know you very well blackmail chink ho…you are a BBC slut

Well now that you have tried to ruin My paypal account leaving it overdrawn and repeatedly insulted Me in My comments section( yes I deleted them) I might as well try and RUIN you too bitch.  I got time…

blackmail chink ho

Blackmail chink ho👲

i am so sorry, Ms. Beauty please forgive me…Please, Ms. Beauty, it will do anything…YOUR power is real.  Please take it down, Mistress


Apparently that rude asian bitch  jason bakke is having regret about insulting Me.  Well that’s not surprising…I told you hoes IM SMARTER THAN YOU!!  Don’t ever forget it!  It’s gonna take MORE CASH and gifts for My forgiveness bitch.  Meanwhile, your page is getting more hits and I’m sure it will be found on google soon😄

Jason Bakke is a Rude Chink ho🖕🏾

Look at this wanna be smart asshole named Jason Bakke who tried desperately to INSULT Goddess after begging for MY attention for years now….”it begs to be blackmailed into debt, Ms. Beauty…i have given so many Queens and Kings blackmail material Who didn’t use it to slave’s disappointment

Blah blah blah ok ok chink ho I will blackmail you!  Against My better judgement I entertained this loser even though I didn’t expect him to follow thru.  Well of course this deceitful ho bought a few gifts sent a little cash and pledged his life to Me faking like he was a real slave.  After making all these promises, chink ho disappears.  TYPICAL!!

So being the ruthless Goddess I am, I decided to do a little google search on this ho and found a bit of info.  you can read some of his boring ass blog here .  I managed to discover his work website and left a little message and this is what this motherfucker replied to Me:

All of these rude insulting messages calling Me sagging, thirsty, even Rupaul…which by the way is not an insult.   Rupaul is a beautiful STRONG black Man and Woman whatever he wants to be!   The nerve of this lil dick jerk.  Well since I get so little traffic, I’m sure he wont care that I am sharing all of this.  I am making this dicklet his own page on here too…click CHINK HO above.  That way, even when this post gets old, his page will always be there and easy to find!  I will be coding this entry and his page with lots of SEO keywords and soon anytime anyone googles Jason Bakke…this is what they will find.   😈


I was sitting at My bar working on My laptop and decided to snap a quick pic for you hoes…ur welcum 😘

thanks for more boots chink bitch🇰🇷oink oink🐷

Hot Damn🔥🐆

This leopard heels are HOT.  I didnt expect them to be so sexy in person.  My new Chinese Laundry heels were sent from My new chink korean ho. he has been ordered to buy ALL shoes from his people (chinese laundry duh!) that is on My wishlist.  I will be adding more today …Thanks bitch💛

New Slave Alert 👲🏻

it begs to be blackmailed into debt, Ms. Beauty…i believe in Black Supremacy, Goddess You deserve complete power and control over us pigs🐷

loser korean bitch boi in DC

you are RIGHT pig… I deserve complete power!  I RULE YOU PIGS🐽this dumb slave hit Me up while on vacay and begged for My attention and to be BLACKMAILED.  I recall talking to this loser before and received minor tributes in the past but then POOF💥 dumb dumb disappeared.  Well chinese korean whatever the fuck he is wants to serve again.  Only time will tell if he is ready to go all the way with Goddess.


these lovely gift cards were waiting on Me when I got home 😁

thanks ho!

And these sexy ass boots too!  new chink jap gook ho had the great idea that he should buy all the Chinese Laundry shoes from My wishlist since he a chink an all….GREAT IDEA!!! I LOVE THEM ❤️