Hot Damn ANOTHER Laptop🎉

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Sooooo the other day My MacBook air from wimp   circa 2013 finally died😢  I was sooooo sad and dejected I really loved that little machine.  Well of course I IMMEDIATELY went to Amazon to see what new laptops were out so I could get a replacement ASAP.  I then told My nephew what happened and he said that I should definitely get the same laptop the whiteboy bought for his birthday!!  He loves it and says it works very well.  Based on his advice, I quickly added another laptop to My Christmas Wishlist and of course it was Snapped Up right away!!!

My long time whiteboy slave freakboy    from upstate New York always comes back just in time for Christmas.  he LOVES to spoil Me with gifts.  he has come a longgggg way in the last 10+ years of being My bitch.  Before it would take an entire year to spend a few hundred bucks cuz he started out as a student.  Now My bitch all grown up!  He can just swoop in and buy Me a laptop just like that😍 I must admit, even though I’m a diehard Mac Girl I really do like My new windows machine.

I still have My new Mac from atlhoe    from this summer and now with this new laptop I think I’m set for a few years now.  Thanks boys

Oh yea, freakboy got Me a new fur beanie too! It’s so warm and cozy I added more to My Christmas List.  Go get them bitch🏃‍♂️

Starting Off Christmas Right🎁

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My sweet lil freakboy kicked off Christmas 2018 with an Uber gift card…MY FAVORITE!!



pig 🐷 sent Me TWO Cheesecake factory gift cards during Black Friday so I could get FREE CHEESECAKE slices !!!   oink oink



and of course I got My bi-monthly allowance too!!

Christmas Boots🎄🎁👢

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OMG😍 these lovely boots came as a SURPRISE for Goddess.  They are AWESOME!!  I let honky get a peek on skype today and he nearly LOST his damn mind.  whiteboy had to beg borrow and steal to get Goddess more BOOTS.  he came up with Amazon dollars so I could buy more.  Don’t worry its not too late…you can buy Me boots too!  I added more to the Christmas List…Thanks bitches😚

Goddess LOVES Giftcards

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Woohoo keep it coming white boys…you know Goddess LOVES giftcards.  Thanks for the $60 white bitch from UK working in China the original lil dick from 10 yrs ago.  Haven’t heard from this loser in yearssssss well of course he is back and dick is small as ever!  Pathetic is the word. he still knows his place tho…at the feet of Goddess 🙂

Another piece of shit drunk loser in Germany is back getting wasted weak white pussy he is.  I will gladly take your cash bitch.

The rest of you bitches lacking not happy with you right now.  My Christmas list awaits BUYMEAGIFTLOSER

More Christmas Goodies🎁🎀🎄

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Yes yes your lovely Black Goddess is still receiving Christmas gifts yayyyy!! So overjoyed you bitches really came thru this year and SPOILED ME right…of course as I deserve!

lovely Marc Jacobs wallet from some random boy 

Dior shades from whiteboy looooser in Norway!


My favorite candle YUMMY smells delish 


Gucci shades from wimp in the UK


Gorgeous burgundy boots that match My new Leather jacket from wimp!


diamond watch from slave titi…what a surprise!!


furrrrrrrr booties from sissyfag jennifurr


Needless to say Goddess is VERY Pleased.  
Amazon Christmas Wishlist for 2016 is Complete.  

Thanks bitch