A Letter from honky👦🏼

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I am so lucky and thankful to be back and able to tribute Ms. Beauty. I left a couple months back and since then my life has been awful. It has served absolutely no purpose. Ms. Beauty is my purpose. Every single day I woke up wishing I was owned, but I wasn’t. For a while I fought it and said “this will get better”, but every day passed and it never did. She is the reason I want to live. To serve Her, to please Her and to do whatever She says. I’m so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to serve Her again because without her im just a fat, pathetic broke white bitch, but with Her I have a purpose. Thank You Ms Beauty ❤️

I don’t know why this dumb ho thought he could LIVE without Me!  That was a mistake…of course he came back groveling on his hands and knees begging for My attention again.  Seeing his pic under Disloyal Piggies prolly hurt his lil feelings too lol.  Its okay honky, I deleted it for now.   I know for sure his lil dicklet got hard seeing the Nike Vapormax atl hoe bought for Me and asked if he could do the same.  Well of course you can loser!!!! I want as many pair as possible.  Good job white boy…and thanks for the uber credits too for nights on the town!  Let this be a lesson to ALL of you bitches…I OWN U…you are NOTHING without Me!  Stop trying to fight it and SUBMIT to Goddess…you will be soooo glad you did😊


Starting Off Christmas Right🎁

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My sweet lil freakboy kicked off Christmas 2018 with an Uber gift card…MY FAVORITE!!



pig 🐷 sent Me TWO Cheesecake factory gift cards during Black Friday so I could get FREE CHEESECAKE slices !!!   oink oink



and of course I got My bi-monthly allowance too!!

Secret Admirer 💕💕

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Goddess LOVES gift cards!!  One of My secret admirers appeared the other day and spoiled Me with an amazon gift card😊  My new pet did not want to share anything about himself but wanted to tell Me how AMAZING I am…DUH!  I love suprises and hope he comes back to give Me MORE!!  Anywhoo, thanks for the gift bitch👨‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏾


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My favorite White boy slave…UK BITCH has been off working in Europe somewhere,
but immediatley checked in with his owner upon return.
He does very well on his job so he can afford to spoil his Goddess accordingly.
First off, MY BITCH sent $ 1000 for the new duplex I am buying.
He is soooooo excited to be buying the house for his owner.

Check out the niteflirt screenshot below:

click to see up close!

Then MY BITCH gladly paid his monthly bill…my cell phone!

click to see up close!

Then, with Valentines Day just around the corner,
MY BITCH eagerly purchased his Goddess a VS gift certificate for 300 bucks!

Not bad for a days work….
BYE for now, GODDESS has shopping to do!