Adding to My Wishlist🎄

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Oh how I just love My fur booties from sissyfag aka pig🐽 they are so warm and cozy.  They automatically get Me in the Christmas mood since pig bought them for Xmas 2016.  They are still holding up quite well they are the best!!  I keep adding More good stuff and deleting others.  I want to make sure there is something everybody can afford…yes you too broke bitch 😆. Click click below and go get your credit/debit card hoe.



Goddess in Fur👑🍷

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Sissyfag lovessssss fur!!!  We chatted a bit on Skype so I let her view her Majesty covered in the fur she loves  so much, wearing the gucci watch and diamond rings she bought sipping on the Boneshaker Zinfandel she had shipped to Me.  What a treat for her.  I think she bought that diamond earring at the top of My ear too.  oink oink she is such a good pig for Me.  Who else wants to be My piggie too??

Chilly Day in Miami

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Chilly day in Miami but I have my fur and CA$H to keep me warm 🙂             WIMP begged me to play the “How big a LOSER are you” game and of course he lost something terrible.  I don’t think he realized how much of a loser he is until I had to remind him lol.  Well, £800 later, he finally conceded as I laughed all the way to the bank!  Thanks bitch.    Fur vest from Sissy Fag…you know that bitch LOVES to see Goddess in fur.




Play Time with Sissy Fag and Fur

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Feeling absolutely Fabulous and sexy in my Fur…. As a Real Queen should.  I chat with SissyFag since it drives her CRAZY to see Goddess in Fur.  She is so overwhelmed that she runs to put her fur on too which immediately makes her cock throb and stand up at attention.  I let her gaze at me as I read the letter she sent along with the CA$H tribute.  She is so hot and bothered! Putty in my hands.  She shops and strokes…strokes and shops lol.  She OBEYs my every command.  Afterall, is there anything more powerful and enticing than  Beautiful BLack Goddess in Fur???


Goddess LOVES CA$H…thank you bitch!

Horny SissyFag cant stop wont stop my slave bitch for life….