White boys Always Pay for Dinner🍤🍸

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White boys love to take Me to dinner.  Last night a local boy took Me out in hopes of being My new bitch.  he even brought Me flowers what a sweet boy!  Not sure yet how I can use him but I will be sure to keep you hos posted.  Nosy asses dying to know who is working HARDER to take your spot!  I see you trolling!   Level up bitches.

crab cakes, halibut, pomegranate martinis YUMMY thanks bitch!


Thanks for the Birthday Gifts🎁

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Thanks bitches I LOVED My birthday gifts. Shouts out to wimp, honky, tampafootbitch👣, and some random loser for the awesome pressies🎁  Gucci sunglasses, lipstick, nail polish, gift cards, fox fur booties and CA$H💰 woohoo!! I also got 2 cute dresses for spring including the perfect little black dress…thanks wimp😘

My bitches NEVER let Me down.


Purple Gucci and purple lipstick…u boys know what I like💜

The MOST Beautiful Roses for my Birthday

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Sissy fag never ceases to amaze me. The roses she sent for my birthday were absolutely stunning. The diamonds were a nice touch. She added a small box of chocolates and a teddy bear too! What an attentive bitch she is…I swear she is a girl for real.


My beautiful flowers with the iPad Sissy Fag bought too.


Awesome birthday dinner with friends…



And of course a nice hot day at the nude beach 🙂

Surprise from SLave Cal

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My stupid white boy Slave Cal is supposed to be buying Goddess a new Mac computer but his dumbass keeps screwing uo the order.  Apparently, his personal credit card has his home phone number listed on file so every time he orders something for Goddess….they call his house.  His flat ass having wife answers the phone and says the order is a mistake.  I told his bitch ass to get it straight cuz I dont give 2 shits about his wife….ALL I want is my new Mac.  Slave Cal claims this is why he got Goddess her very own Visa thru amazon to avoid all this confusion.  In the meantime…my bitch cal sent these GORGEOUS RED ROSES to try and make up for his stupidity and buy him more time to get the Mac order straightened out.   I must admit, these are the most BEAUTIFUL flowers I have ever seen…