German Pigs are the WORST🇩🇪🐷

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Look at all these visits to My site from German losers in the last few days!  Coming everyday sometimes twice a day and still never speak to or acknowledge Goddess.  HOW RUDE!!! I hate that shit.  German boys are sneaky cheap and PATHETIC all the qualities I hate.  From now on any boy from Germany will be IGNORED.  I don’t have time to waste on such trash! Only if I see a tribute from you will I respond.  Otherwise  Verpiss dich du miese Schlampe!!

Christmas CA$H

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Check out my PURCHASED  Christmas WishList. You HOs worked so hard to buy EVERYTHING on it!  In total you loyal pets spent $7150 on the most wonderful presents for your Goddess.  Of course the Top giving Bitches will be rewarded with special privileges and gifts from me.  Special recognition will be given to Sissy Fag since this HO bought the LAST 3 items on my wishlist AFTER Christmas.  Turns out there were three more items unclaimed by Christmas day so this obedient HO swooped in and quickly paid for them.  Now thats how a good Bitch should be.  Here is the breakdown of my Holiday Shopping spree:

Top Christmas HO

AndyPandie Nordstrom ATM Piggie Bitch!  YAY!!!

Nordstrom Shopping Spree = $ 3600 !!!!!

Top Amazon HO

Sissy Fag…Great Job Bitch 🙂

Amazon Wishlist Items = $ 1400 !!!


German ShitPIG.. this Bitch LOVES to go Broke for me

$400 CA$H and 2 amazon gifts!

Honorable Mention

My Pet = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

White Boy Loser = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

Turkey BOY = Amazon Wishlist Item $150

Anonymous LOSER = $100 gift card Victorias Secret 🙂

Surprise Appearance

Pissy = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

(havent heard from this HO in TWO Years!!  good job Bitch)


If you are on this list, it is because you FAILED in gifting your Goddess with a Christmas Present.  If you expect ANY of my attention in 2009…you will rectify this problem IMMEDIATELY buy taking your Sorry ASS to my Wishlist and buying something fassssst!  Otherwise your Dumb Loser self will become best friends with the IGNORE function on my Yahoo msgr 🙂

  1. The Most Stupid White Boy Ever aka Slave Cal
  2. Blondie Boy
  3. Andrew Hicks
  4. Drive By J
  5. White Shit Cunt

German ShitPIG is Broke…Again LOL!

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My little pet ShitPIG from Germany is sooooo addicted it can NEVER escape me.  It has an undying need to serve me and my entire family.  Isn’t that crazy.  It loves to work hard then spend it ALL on us in one night! LOL.  I let my Shit go off from time to time so it can continue to work hard and pay off some if its debts.  It is only a matter of time before Shit starts to twitch and runs back to me to get more abuse.  It knows it can’t afford to serve now but dumb Shit can’t help itself!

Anyway, Shit has never felt completely used and humiliated because it has never bought anything for my nephew.  It yearns to be a financial slave for ALL my family.  I tell Shit that the ultimate humiliation is buying for a child who doesnt know it even exists. LMAO.  It is just a worthless Pig on this earth made to earn money for its PIMP and family.  ShitPIG loves this idea and works overtime just to buy us all gifts.

The other day…Shit logs in out the blue and quickly begs to be treated like crap again.  Of course I oblige.  I order my pet to strip and dress in complete submission attire including gag, mask, tied cock and to sit on its butt plug while I verbally abuse and degrade Shit.  This completely arouses Shit and it begins to drool and moan begging for more.  It sucks its dildo harder and faster and in no time…it is a weak fool ready to do whatever I command.  I make Shit send me the $300 it saved up to give my nephew for his birthday.  But once I see that my pet is putty in my hands ready to go broke for me…I order Shit to my wishlist and order it to buy even more even though I know it is using the money for rent!  LMAO.  Look at the robot below, sitting there doing whatever I say.  I quickly take my $300 in cash, then bing it in the head for another $350 for the Nintendo Wii, $55 for Timberlands, $55 for a new hoodie, $70 for an iron for my brother, and $125 for more Gucci shades!  Almost $1000 later, Shit was so depressed it just hung its head down low and begged permission to sign off for the nite.  Dumb Shit realized it spent ALL its money and has no more to pay bills or eat for the rest of the month. LOL.  Shit knows its priority is with its PIMP and Family so nothing else really matters.  In no time at all, Shit will work ovetime staying up late many nights just so it can return to me and get robbed all over again 🙂


look at my robot on webcam drooling at its desk


nintendo wii for my nephew!


timberland boots and a sean john hoodie for my nephew too!


a new iron for my brother


new gucci shades too $$$

Eat Your Heart out FOOT Bitches!!!

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Last month I added SO many sexy ass heels to my Amazon FOOTBOYS wishlist and you motherfuckers delivered!  I am truly happy like a kid in a candy store playing in all my new shoes.  🙂  SInce you Bitches obviously paid attention and bought the ones I wanted most….why not add more!!! LOL.  Winter is fast approaching so I have added 3 pair of boots and I expect to get ALL THREE.  One is purple of course, my favorite color and the other pair are absolutely to DIE FOR…MUST HAVE repeat MUST HAVE.  Here are the heels you HOs bought for me last month.  ENJOY…



i LOVE these…from BlondieBOY


sexy pumps from German ShitPIG


miss sixty t-straps from a Drive-By


Marciano fringe from German ShitPIG


LAMB stilettos from AndyPandie

More Gifts from My Amazon WISHLIST

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GPS from a new Bitch that had so much potential. Unfortunately he had to leave suddenly to deal with a family crisis.  He did manage to buy me a few gifts and send about $500 before he had to go.  Good luck to you White BOY…Damn I was going to use him good too!


marc jacobs sunglasses from White Boy LOSER


new jewelry from German ShitPIG

German Shit Pig in Full Submission

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Look at my German ShitPIG at its lowest and most humble for its PIMP.  He demonstrates very well his truest self as a Cocksucking Bitch Animal on its Knees Naked .  It needs its leash and mask to even think straight or it can’t sleep or work properly.  Hypnotized by the sound of my voice, addicted to my commands, this ShitPIG animal eagerly degraded itself on cam for its PIMP.  Sucking and Fucking BLACK Dildos moaning and groaning like the Whore Slut it is….My animal is ADDICTED to my commands.  Shit cannot deny its addiction further humiliating itself while slowly drifting back into deep debt!  This whore pays and pays and works hard for me doing whatever it takes to make me happy.  My PIG buys luggage, handbags, shoes, jewelry even cases of toilet paper for its PIMP.  As I said, WHATEVER it takes to make me happy.  Enjoy laughing at my bitch hehehehe.  All you other wannabes I know you admire Shit and want to be next….


New Red HOT luggage from ShitPIG and DriveBy Slave #2


German ShitPIG was soooo thrilled to buy a Designer Bag ($425) for its PIMP.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

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Quick post for my Hos as I sit at the spa getting a pedicure, manicure, and foot massage. Finally stopped raining here from all the storms in the Caribbean so we get to finally get to enjoy a sunny day here in the ATL. Goddess has to get her feet done and get pampered and German SHIT Pig was eager and grateful to pay for it. I logged into Yahoo on my macbook PAID for by BlondieBOY. Within minutes, my German SHIT PIg logged in as well. I reminded Shit that he is my Piece of SHIT WhiteBOY, My Property, My Bitch and it will work HARD as I continue to live in luxury. SHIT was very tired from a long day at work but what do I care? I reminded SHIT that it should always be tired from working as hard as possible for its PIMP. SHIT readily agreed and was honored to pay for PIMPS day at the spa. This Bitch QUICKLY sent 100 euro to pay for my beauty day AND lunch. SHIT is such a good BITCH….always eager to Please and spoil whenever it can 🙂


mmmmm….foot massage feels soooooo GOOD!


i know you wish you could paint my toesies dont you Bitch???

German SHIT Pig is BACK hehehehehe….

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My little German Piece of SHIT is back after taking 2 months off to sort its finances. This lowlife WhiteBOY scum could NOT wait to get back to its PIMP and resume spending its Hard Earned Ca$h on me and my family. Its addiction to humiliation and abuse is so strong that it took NO time to turn on the webcam and start gobbling on its BigBlackCock dildo on my command! SHIT is such a whore! BlackCock Sucking whore who wants all its holes filled. It says it cannot sleep, all it can do is think about serving PIMP and family and being fully used for the Cunt Whore that SHIT has become. My German SHIT Pig missed so much being on cam 24 hours a day for its PIMP. So I can observe and humiliate its ass whenever I felt like it. Especially when friends came by…we would laugh hysterically watching its stupid ass on cam walking around butt naked collared and masked. Oh and when I ordered SHIT to pull out the dildos to Fuck and Suck, it went Crazy. SHIT sucks cock better than any girl I know…LOL. I knew it wouldn’t be long before this horny White Bitch would return to me. SHIT eagerly sent me 100 euros and bought a few gifts for its PIMP family. I took the few coins it had saved up in a matter of minutes!


$75 target gift card for sister to use at College


new cologne for my brother…SHIT bought this SUPER fast cuz of his desire to serve Black COCK..hehehe

German SHIT Pig is Broke!

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Well it has finally happened….German SHIT Pig is Broke!!! LOL. I have turned this professional hard working white boy into a humiliated Piece of Shit Pig who sucks cocks and went broke for his PIMP!!! When SHIT first contacted me, I immediately OWNED him with an extreme wallet rape and humiliation. He spent over $1500 CASH and bought Christmas presents for me and my family 🙂 SHIT also admitted that it was nothing but a filthy pig slut whore and proceeded to kneel in a corner and SHITTED like the nasty pig that he is….LMAO (by the way…I made him lie in the waste like a True Pig and made SHIT sleep that way for the night!)

. german-shitpig.jpg



Then SHIT eagerly found this Black COCK gag he could wear daily as a means of submission and satisfying his addiction to sucking cock. It was a real treat to watch My Bitch walk around all day before and after work wearing this gag as I viewed him on 24hour webcam SHIT set up for his PIMP. After about 2 weeks, SHIT complained that its mouth was going numb and his lips deformed from constantly wearing the gag…hehehehe. He begged to take a break from the gag but of course I said NO! Instead I forced it to become Property of ALL my family and he proceeded to buy gifts for them including mothers day gifts, pedicures, plane ticket, dinners, and LOTS OF CA$H!!! SHIT was slowly losing his identity and could think of nothing but pleasing his PIMP and serving its new family.


SHIT became addicted to running to Western Union and sending PIMP cash. SHIT neglected other responsibilities and became nothing more than a robot and ATM machine for me 🙂 Then suddenly it happened…IT started to cave in from all the pressure. SHIT says it is sick….headache, body pains, can’t sleep ALL of it! LOL. IT is always tired and can’t seem to rest properly. Maybe because Goddess would buzz this Bitch whenever I felt like it (usually in the middle of the night!) and make him spend more cash, or suck on his black cocks or other humiliating things. ALL this abuse finally took its toll on SHIT. IT confessed to PIMP that IT had legal bills to pay and other expenses and IT was so ill things were on the verge of falling apart. Goddess knew then that the abuse and training was succeessful! SHIT had become a used up piece of meat worthless to me now. Then suddenly, SHITs 24 hour cam was off and IT ran and hid from its Beloved PIMP. Of course I knew it was coming. My German SHIT Pig couldn’t possibly keep up with my Cruel ways and IT caved in under the pressure. I know SHIT is reading this now ( hey bitch!) and yearns for the day when IT can crawl back to PIMP and beg to be abused and be my Bitch again.


Thanks for the 250 euros on the way out SHIT 🙂