Apple World🍎🖥️

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My new desk setup…Mac mini, trackpad, mouse, and keyboard from atl hoe, monitor from sissyfag aka pig🐷

Hope you hoes had a great Thanksgiving🦃  I only got to see a few family but I did get lots of grub🍗  and a bottle of Cliquot🍾 Today, its time to do some organizing.  Look at all 0f the computers you dummies have bought for Me over the past decade…I LOVE IT!!  And these are just the ones I have left ALL IN WORKING CONDITION!  I must admit I am a Mac addict. They are the best and they last for yearssss if you take care of them of course.  These are from sissyfag, freakyboy, blondieboy, atl hoe and wimp.😘  I need to shout out sissyfag aka pig 🐖 for the MOST computers bought with a total of FOUR!!! including a macbook for My mom & sister and a desktop for My nephew… and TWO iPads lol…What a TRICK!!!🐽 

For starters…I am going to build a media station so I have systems just to create and edit content.  I added a standing desk to My Christmas Wishlist🎁. you can buy it HERE whiteboy…and I also require a new keyboard too. oink oink click here ho.

My nephew gave Me one of his old computers since he has a newer laptop now but I promised him some new headphones in exchange.  atl hoe you can get those HERE! since you good at getting technology…I see you whiteboy!!  Which one of you is going to get them first???

Hot Damn ANOTHER Laptop🎉

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Sooooo the other day My MacBook air from wimp   circa 2013 finally died😢  I was sooooo sad and dejected I really loved that little machine.  Well of course I IMMEDIATELY went to Amazon to see what new laptops were out so I could get a replacement ASAP.  I then told My nephew what happened and he said that I should definitely get the same laptop the whiteboy bought for his birthday!!  He loves it and says it works very well.  Based on his advice, I quickly added another laptop to My Christmas Wishlist and of course it was Snapped Up right away!!!

My long time whiteboy slave freakboy    from upstate New York always comes back just in time for Christmas.  he LOVES to spoil Me with gifts.  he has come a longgggg way in the last 10+ years of being My bitch.  Before it would take an entire year to spend a few hundred bucks cuz he started out as a student.  Now My bitch all grown up!  He can just swoop in and buy Me a laptop just like that😍 I must admit, even though I’m a diehard Mac Girl I really do like My new windows machine.

I still have My new Mac from atlhoe    from this summer and now with this new laptop I think I’m set for a few years now.  Thanks boys

Oh yea, freakboy got Me a new fur beanie too! It’s so warm and cozy I added more to My Christmas List.  Go get them bitch🏃‍♂️

Merry Christmas boys🎅🏾

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I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. Just had to show off My NEW Christmas boots from freakboy💓  OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Thanks for all of your gifts too!  BUT, if you been a drag ass…Don’t worry it’s not too late…click click and buy Me something too😊

My Christmas List!

Whoa Goddess Ass Getting THICK🍑

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Off to the gym in My new leggings from freakboy!! he has really outdone himself buying so many gifts for Me.  oink oink bitch.  As I was trying them on, I realized WOW My ass is getting kinda fat.  All this good eating in ATL smothered chicken collard greens and mac n cheese going is making Me thicka than a snicker.  While I do love snickers, maybe  it’s time to increase My cardio and leave the sweets alone.  My ass is still PERFECT its just more to worship and adore.  Well off to the gym now boys so I can work off 10lbs before the new year.  TTYL👋🏾

Starting Off Christmas Right🎁

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My sweet lil freakboy kicked off Christmas 2018 with an Uber gift card…MY FAVORITE!!



pig 🐷 sent Me TWO Cheesecake factory gift cards during Black Friday so I could get FREE CHEESECAKE slices !!!   oink oink



and of course I got My bi-monthly allowance too!!

From Snow to Sun🌞

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This Atlanta winter is the craziest! It literally snowed like crazy the last couple of days and today it was 70degrees.  The sun was out all day and I LOVED it.  I got to wear My new wedges freakboy bought Me this Christmas.  Don’t they look cute with My blue pedicure toes💙

thanks freakboy…they are PERFECT😘

I Love My New Summer Polish 💅🏾

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My old bitch used to be virgin college boy slave freakboy came back to chat with Me.  I watched this white boy grow up from green teenage slave to grown man bitch 🙂  I’m so proud.  After going out in the real world trying to be a man by bitchboy came back to Goddess.  Of course he is still a virgin and dreams of panties and cock that will never change.  After we did a bit of catching up,v he couldn’t wait to shop on My wishlist.  My whiteboy quickly bought all the new nail polish on My list just in time for summer.  I love the colors so much I added even more!  Thanks whiteboy


Do you like the new color on My pretty Goddess toes??  It’s so feminine and cute.  My whiteboy honky bought Me these sexy Calvin Klein heels.  I LOVE My bitches….they keep Me looking hot all the time!  Don’t feel left out HOs, you can shop for Me too…