Country Getaway

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He HOs…I enjoyed my trip to Atlanta and Alabama to see my fam.  Moms has  a family farm in Alabama so we decided to do a little four wheeling while there.  The countryside is beautiful and relaxing.  But, being a LA city girl, I can only take this peace and quiet for a few days lol.  It was fun hanging with my sister and cousins a few days.  Anywhoo, you get to DROOL over my soft black leather boots from driveby J.  Sexy huh??


Over the knee boots Driveby J, Grey leather jacket sissy fag, Dior shades random loser, $$$ for trip…ALL YOU BITCHES!!! lol


Throwin up the “L” lol… yes for you LOSER!!

MORE Goodies From Drive-By J!!

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My favorite DriveBy slave J thought it was a good idea to clear up some items off my AMAZON WISHLIST.  A few of the things that has been on the list a few months that NO other Bitch took the initiative to buy for Goddess.  Well my loyal White Boy came thru and bought me an assortment of goodies!!!   Thanks J 🙂


steak knives, carving set, red bull, khiels cleanser and moisturizer, carols daughter manicure scrub, cucumber eye pads, and a new titanium flash drive!

Eat Your Heart out FOOT Bitches!!!

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Last month I added SO many sexy ass heels to my Amazon FOOTBOYS wishlist and you motherfuckers delivered!  I am truly happy like a kid in a candy store playing in all my new shoes.  🙂  SInce you Bitches obviously paid attention and bought the ones I wanted most….why not add more!!! LOL.  Winter is fast approaching so I have added 3 pair of boots and I expect to get ALL THREE.  One is purple of course, my favorite color and the other pair are absolutely to DIE FOR…MUST HAVE repeat MUST HAVE.  Here are the heels you HOs bought for me last month.  ENJOY…



i LOVE these…from BlondieBOY


sexy pumps from German ShitPIG


miss sixty t-straps from a Drive-By


Marciano fringe from German ShitPIG


LAMB stilettos from AndyPandie

Tale of the Drive-by Slave….

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It is always nice to have admirers that worship you from afar and only contact you once or twice per year.   You know the kind of bitch…horny, disloyal, and non-committal!  They usually go from girl to girl spreading a little money here a little there.  Personally I like Drive-by slaves.  They contact you, tribute, gift and spoil, and GET THE HELL ON !!!  A bit of small talk, maybe a few IM’s here and there.  NO false promises, NO fake gifts that NEVER arrive, NO BULLSHIT.  The latest Drive-by was so sweet and honest with his intentions how could I not be pleased.  He admits right up front that he has issues with commitment and long term service but would still LOVE to spoil me for at least a month and spend $1000.   Since this White Boy has spoiled me before buying me one of my Favorite gifts of  ALL time (if you read my site you know what that is!) I accepted his proposal.  Well the bad news was….Drive-By didn’t make it the entire month of service 🙁 GOOD NEWS is he spent over his budget of 1K in far less time 🙂  He started with $150 gift certificate to amazon, then another $225 so I could buy whatever I wanted….so considerate.  He also sent $150 for Victorias Secret which I bought the sexy red halter you see above along with a few other items.  After a few more chats, I guess Drive-By Bitch was getting antsy and ready to move on so he rushed and sent another $400 in amazon email gifts certificates!  He says he wanted to keep his word and PAY me what he promised.  Well he certainly did.  This Drive-By Bitch is welcum back for a piece of my time anyday!


Drive-by White Boy sent $100 too!


And finished off with these Gorgeous Sandals off my wishlist.

Cash in Mail from SLave Jay

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Nothing sweeter than getting cold hard CA$H in the mail.  Just had to show off my tribute even though I posted already today. Although White boy Jay is hesitant to commit to being my full time slave, he still sent this nice tribute and continues to order shoes from my FootBOYS Wishlist.  He has ordered 2 more pair this week alone 🙂  Even if he is just passing by and off to the next mistress…Goddess will gladly accept ALL CA$H and Gifts he wants to send.


NEW SLave Alert $$$

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Goddess has a new slave…or let’s say wants to be a slave.  White Boy Jay has been lurking around cyberspace buying Goddess’ pics from time to time.  This white boy will buy and buy but never call or email.  I love those types…just a matter of time before they give in to their addiction and become my Bitch.  He says he has served other ladies but can’t commit to just one now.  MEN are pigs anyways.  NO loyalty so I’m not surprised.  GODDESS doesn’t care about the rest…just spoil me too while you’re at it LOSER.
Well to my surprise, this loser white bitch had already been to my Amazon Wishlist
and purchased these awesomely HOTT boots.  They had been on my wishlist for 3 months and NONE of you sucker motherfuckers stepped up to the plate to buy them.  Goddess is super pleased that white boy Jay not only bought these boots Ive been dying for but his lucky ass caught them on sale.  They had been $400 for months then this loser clicks to my list and BAM they are on sale for $177.  This loser bitch buys asap for Goddess….YIPPEE!!! They are so sexxxy and will look great on me.  Of all the gifts I received from you BITCHES….This is a true Goddess favorite!