dan the foo is a techie white boy🤓

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So I’m minding My business last nite enjoying chill time mixing essential oils and shit here cums dan the foo that flies planes🧑‍✈️ hitting Me up on Niteflirt chat.  I probably BLOCKED him from My website chat so he PAID to chat with Me instead 😀. he reminded Me what pussy he is and said sorry for disconnecting the last phone number he gave Me.  what a loser!!  we chat for a bit then the foo goes and deletes his NF account too LMAO.  what’s the deal ho??  u run to Me just to run back away…No worries you will be back! you can’t help it bitch.  I was able to at least get his latest resume to look over.  Turns out My loser is a nerd…techie nerd.  That’s cool white boy…even though u still a dummy😀

apparently he likes birds too! what a lame lol

dan Armstrong 🤡 Return of the foo

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dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong || Web Application Developer
GeneDx || Informatics

Phone: 301-519-2100 x 6428

Remember this foo..dan the whiteboy that flies planes🧑‍✈️ aka dan Armstrong. I guess he couldn’t stay away any longer after stalking My site EVERYDAY!!  he messaged Me on chat said he was drunk and BEGGED Me to bully him out of his cash LOL.  Well that was easy.  he  gave Me more info about him when I asked becuz he a weak ass pussy. hehehehe…his ID his work info even his cell phone.  What a dummy!!  I called him immediately and he sounded like a pip squeak all timid and shy then HUNG UP ON ME!!! I think he really can’t believe that I actually called a loser like him!  It’s a dream come true.  Don’t worry dannyboy you will hear from Me all the time now lol calling texting I am going to drive you CRAZY 😈  you whiteboys really are pussy and I LOVE IT.  makes it so easy to take advantage of you

 these 3 beauties were on my doorstep within 48 hours!!!  I like  dumb dumb dan he has favor with amazon because his orders shipped super fassssst! keep it up ho😍 I won’t more more more I deserve it!

Heyyyyy Hoessss 👦🏼

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I know its been awhile since you have heard from your Queen but I’m here ALIVE and WELL.  Ms Beauty has been working on her beauty😀 among other things.  I am REALLY in love with My new face steamer from My bitch that flies planes.  It helps keep My skin hydrated and enhances My heavenly Chocolate glow🍫  I haven’t heard from him in awhile but I know he still visits My site…thanks ho 😘


I got NEW gel polish and a UV lamp so I can do My own manicures woohoo🎉. Not sure who bought but I can’t wait to use it.  The dumb bitch johnnyboy who got Me the iPhone bought Me a bunch of essential oils too.  I can use in My steamer and in My homemade soaps…thanks ho!  They were very expensive…ching Ching.  johnnyboy hit Me up late one night and had the dumb idea to give Me his credit card info.  Of course I used it up as a Greedy Goddess should.  Then dumb dumb got cold feet and closed the card.  What a prick…well it was fun while it lasted.  I don’t know why you hoes offer so much then change your mind.  That really pisses Me off.  Now he is blocked and regrets being a pussy.  Next time THINK TWICE white boy!


BEST GIFT EVER!!!🎁🎁🎁❤️❤️❤️

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peppermint soap🌿

If you boys have been paying attention you know My NEW PASSION is soap making🧼 I love it so much…mixing different ingredients and essential oils to create the perfect bathing experience😍 Especially during this pandemic we can never be too clean.  I have had more extra time since the city has all these restrictions.  NO I am not like some of these other fools in Atlanta partying and being in large crowds.  I take My health seriously and you should too.
Anyways…out of ALL the gifts I have received over the last decade plus (yes been pimpin u hoes that long) this is definitely one of the best.  My new bitch from Florida that flies planes got it for Me.  Good job white boy you did good.  I know you will see this since you come to My site EVERYDAY lol.  YES I have a tracker!  ur so addicted I know you wanna spend More💸

New Slave Alert🧔

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awww looky here at My new bitch on his knees looking a fool lol.  My new whiteboy slave in Florida was googling “financial domination” and then found Me!  How lucky  he is 😃.  dummy told Me his real name and where he works…even a bit about his ex gf.  his info was easily verified thru Linkedin.  I can’t wait to see how useful he will be to Me….afterall it is all about ME!!!  lil dick white boys should be grateful to serve at My feet👣 look at his dicklet and scrawny little leg…he is weak and pathetic the perfect little cuck for a strong dominant FEMALE.  Just like many before, he BEGGED to be blackmailed and used for the sorry little bitch he is.  Then of course he changes his mind!!! The nerve of this idiot.  You lucky I talked to you at all at 3 am white boy…you will do what I tell you to do from now on….you bitches know I HATE TIMEWASTERS!!  Anywhoo dumb dumb sent me cash, gifts from My wishlist and an amazon gift card in return I won’t show his face 😆 well I won’t for now….

yes I spent it all ho…