Another Delivery Today!

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Good News Goddess,
Left work early to call Apple. They just need me to call from my home phone # to verify and they will then ship.  Everything is o.k. computer will be there they say Mar 2nd to 5th.  Possible Sat if you have UPS delivery on Saturday.  Thank you for your patience with me.  I hope all went well with the Western Union, I get very nervous at the possibility of disappointing you.  I spent my lunch hour calling and complaining to credit card company and Apple.  Rest assured your slave is trying his best to serve you.  Please let me know if all is o.k. with auto payment.  Goddess will not have to pay another car payment!   Let me know date to pay by if other than 1st.
Thank You

Your slave cal

OH SHIT…Another AMAZON CREDIT CARD for Goddess :)

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Ms Beauty,

Every thing is falling into place,  The cards were in yesterday’s mail!  I did not pick up the mail and did not see it on the counter until this morning.  I have called and activated the cards.  I will be mailing yours out tomorrow and hopefully you will get it in the next few days. Thank you again for letting me serve you.  You are so beautiful!  I could not get enough of you last night, if I am pushing too hard just let me know, after all you are the one in charge! I can only think of you.  I woke many times last night thinking of you.  I just want you to know these things as a testament to your beauty and dominance.  You have taken this white boy who has not, until recently, even considered an ebony woman.  And have enslaved me with your beauty and charisma.  I no longer even desire to be with my wife or any other woman.  I am completely focused on my owner, my Ebony Queen.  I have truly given myself to you.  I have locked my manhood and have given you the power to decide when I can even touch it.  You own me!!

Your slave