Drunk Loser Spends it ALL💸

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I haven’t heard from johnnyboy…My white boy in Minnesota in a minute!!! But when I did… BAM💥 he gets wasted and goes broke for Me.  This is after he dropped another $450 a few days before.  It’s safe to say he REALY MISSED ME!!! he blabbed on and on all night long talking and paying talking and paying.  he was soooo drunk and stoopid LOL.

After texting and talking for a few hours I just had to find another way to use My bitch.  I demanded his credit card info and used it to set up a Klarna account.  Have you heard of it??  You just sign up with a credit card and whatever you buy gets broken down into 4 biweekly payments…isn’t that AWESOME!  Now you hoes can buy Me something expensive today and pay for it over time.  Makes it easier for you..your welcome😃. Not only did johnnyboy PAY OFF My Klarna account but he even started his own…buying Me jewelry from Saks.com  whiteboy’s wallet is about $1500 lighter…Thanks bitch😘

It’s Payday 💲💰💴💵 

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Over $1k wired to Me from My dumb bitch in the UK. his paycheck in MY hand…just as it should be. All you HOs know GODDESS  LOVES CASH💸WORK hard for Me white bitch! you work I spend!!! Put in that overtime get a second job if you have to…whatever it takes to get it done!! I expect cash gifts and pampering from you boys.  Summer is approaching so I picked out lots of cute dresses and heels👠Oink oink piggies it’s time to dig deep in those wallets and Spoil Me loser!!

White boys in Norway are PUSSIES🐱

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Yes that’s right…you pale pitiful white boy losers in Norway are the WEAKEST of all.  First there was Anders, now we have looooser!  This sorry white bitch BEGGED to be owned and controlled but of course that didn’t last.  he thought he wanted to be a dumb loser like Slave Cal exposed on My site for eternity but he is too weak lol.  We agreed he would PAY Me monthly AND buy Me shoes for all of 2017.  But pussy looooser couldn’t take the pressure.  he got TWO new credit cards for Goddess to spend all year but I ended up maxing them in ONE NIGHT lmaooooo!


pussyboy in Norway eagerly signed on Teamviewer and couldn’t wait for Me to control his computer again.  he asked if I took all the cash left could he be free…blackmail was just too much pressure!  What a total pathetic white bitch!!!  In one big swoop…I MAXED out his tiny credit card instead of shopping spending a little at a time.  What a dumb looooser!  I went right in his account and drained him in seconds!!!  MINE MINE MINE
So that’s about TWO GRAND in TWO Weeks for this dumb dumb. CHING CHING.  I see you looking looooser I know you will be back.  I still have another credit card to spend oink oink

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

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Whose the smartest Bitch of all???  That would be me of course.  Unfortunately, Wimp in the UK decided to test his wits against Goddess in online checkers.  He will do ANYTHING to see me on cam.  He is addicted…my new crackwhore for Goddess bitch.  Well needless to say, I kicked his ass over and over.  I drop kicked that wallet too until it was EMPTY.  I told you HOs… I’m smarter than you tricks.  After draining all his CA$H and a shopping spree…I tucked Wimp into bed and wished him nighty nite.  Even though he was broke and exhausted…he went to bed with a smile on his loser face.  A happy slave makes a happy Goddess 🙂

 He bought all this and his name is still on a few more items.  You OWE me white boy!

Kingston Digital 16 GB USB 2.0 Hi-speed Datatraveler Flash Drive Spalding Women’s Racerback Tank Top, Black, Large

Body Glove Juniors Smoothies Solo D-Cup Top, Black, E

Dave & Busters Gift Card

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbud Headphones 2010

Weiman Products LLC 014 Silver Cream

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner with Brush

WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Black

AMOREPACIFIC Future Response Age Defense Creme DLX Size, NEW

Duracell Powermat PBRB1 Portable Backup Battery – Retail Packaging – Black

Zebra Print – Black & White Mouse Pad

Wallflower Snake Printed Skinny Jean in Navy Print Size: 9

Unorthodox Jukebox

Andrew Hamilton Crawford “Disco” Heart Shaped  Silver Wire Form Earrings

bebe Signature Stretch Skinny Jean Denim Blk-30

Wacoal Luxe Rare Beauty Push Up Bra (55846) 36DD/Black

P.F. Changs $25 Gift Card

Regal Entertainment Group Gift Card


Chilly Day in Miami

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Chilly day in Miami but I have my fur and CA$H to keep me warm 🙂             WIMP begged me to play the “How big a LOSER are you” game and of course he lost something terrible.  I don’t think he realized how much of a loser he is until I had to remind him lol.  Well, £800 later, he finally conceded as I laughed all the way to the bank!  Thanks bitch.    Fur vest from Sissy Fag…you know that bitch LOVES to see Goddess in fur.