Happy Birthday Queen 👑🎂

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you boys know My favorite place to be to celebrate the Holy Day of Goddess’ birth🎉🎂 at the nude beach in My birthday suit!  The sun ☀️ is so perfect and there is so much to see 👀. BTW…My Cavalli shades are from atlhoe, diamond heart from sissy fag and  🍎 Watch from chink 🥡

The views are amazing 😍 YES he had BBC!

Don’t forget to send gifts you hoes know what I like🎁


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pig ALWAYS looks out for My birthday!!! oink oink.  thanks bitch. I know the rest of you hoes remember Jan 24th is My birthday!! But you white boys come and go never consistent never honest.  All of you are pieces of shit.  it’s cool tho…there is always someone else dying to take your spot.

I just had to SHOW OFF and give you boys one more peek of the GORGEOUS mink pig got Me for Christmas.  Isn’t it lovely??

I absolutely love 💕 My new Versace and Tom Ford sunglasses!!  I also want these top 5 off My wishlist 🎁 Apple iPhone Samsung Monitor Yoga Leggings Cavalli scarf and New towels so GET TO IT BOYS!!!

Black ChristmasTree✊🏿

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YASSSSSS big ups for the  BLACK Christmas TREE ✊🏿  I found it at Walmart I fricken LOVE IT!!!!  It looks so Royal and  Black perfect for a Goddess like Me.  I  just moved to a wonderful New HOME and this was the first of the holiday decorations.   I can’t seem to locate My Black Santa hopefully I will find it as I still have many boxes to unpack.  I need a local bitch to cum help Me…

Sitting back on My couch I realized how PUNY and wimpy My tv looks here on this HUGE wall in My living room. I definitely need a 50 inch or MORE for My new crib. I added it to My Xmas Wishlist along with many new things for the house.  I need a space heater, a new desk, shelves, new towels and Much Much more.  Oink oink piggies get to shopping🐽

I have a SUPER ROOMY finished basement perfect for Domination Sessions!!  I will be definitely take advantage of all all this space and host a few chosen white boys for USE and ABUSE.  Request an appointment with Me thru email  Msbeautyisboss@gmail.com  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!  you will be THOUROUGHLY screened before I accept a meeting so Pigs and Fags ONLY!

I found some of My bitchboy toys too!  Who wants to wear My dog leash?? woof woof🐶





Throwback Thursday 🥩🍸

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Whiteboys ALWAYS pay for dinner!!! These wonderful memories (5 years ago today) of My local bitch in Miami who is a manager at a steakhouse serving Me and a friend dinner. It was awesome. All of his employees were staring wondering why he was catering to Me so much. They had NO idea he was My bitch.  The spread was AMAZING!! We both left stuffed and satisfied.

YES he even wiped my mouth in front of the entire restaurant!! It was hilarious as one of his servers saw him and laughed😆 My bitch loved acting all tough at work but as soon as I showed up he reverted right back to the lil bitch he really is.  Damn I miss him!


Hot Damn🔥🐆

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This leopard heels are HOT.  I didnt expect them to be so sexy in person.  My new Chinese Laundry heels were sent from My new chink korean ho. he has been ordered to buy ALL shoes from his people (chinese laundry duh!) that is on My wishlist.  I will be adding more today …Thanks bitch💛

A Letter from honky👦🏼

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I am so lucky and thankful to be back and able to tribute Ms. Beauty. I left a couple months back and since then my life has been awful. It has served absolutely no purpose. Ms. Beauty is my purpose. Every single day I woke up wishing I was owned, but I wasn’t. For a while I fought it and said “this will get better”, but every day passed and it never did. She is the reason I want to live. To serve Her, to please Her and to do whatever She says. I’m so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to serve Her again because without her im just a fat, pathetic broke white bitch, but with Her I have a purpose. Thank You Ms Beauty ❤️

I don’t know why this dumb ho thought he could LIVE without Me!  That was a mistake…of course he came back groveling on his hands and knees begging for My attention again.  Seeing his pic under Disloyal Piggies prolly hurt his lil feelings too lol.  Its okay honky, I deleted it for now.   I know for sure his lil dicklet got hard seeing the Nike Vapormax atl hoe bought for Me and asked if he could do the same.  Well of course you can loser!!!! I want as many pair as possible.  Good job white boy…and thanks for the uber credits too for nights on the town!  Let this be a lesson to ALL of you bitches…I OWN U…you are NOTHING without Me!  Stop trying to fight it and SUBMIT to Goddess…you will be soooo glad you did😊


I Made it To LA🌴

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Riding out in the 2019 benzo with My sister taking in this lovely Cali Sunshine🌞The weather is perfect… its as if Mother Nature herself knew I was arriving😁Of course My first stop was to the dispensary to get Me lots of treats 🌿My bitch in texas yeehaw eagerly sent Me 💰 thru cashapp so I can shop with HIS money NOT MINE lol…thanks bitch😘

weed, candies, chocolates and vapes WOOHOO!!

Next stop was the crystal and candle store to get Goddess protection stones  and for good luck too🍀


texas bitch paid for uber too so when Goddess goes to party NO DRINKING 🍷AND DRIVING


As you see…texas yeehaw bitch is now in the piggie club after spending over $1k 🎉🎉The rest of you hoes need to CATCH UP!!