Hey HOs I’m Baaaaaack!!!

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I know I know you Bitches are wondering where is the Beautiful Black Goddess you adore??  No worries…don’t I look happy with my $500 monthly tribute and $2300 diamond ring from AndyPandie Nordstrom Bitch???  Something happens come spring time where I just like to rejoice in the change of seasons and enjoy a bit of sunshine.  It seems every April I get sick of you Losers and need to take a break!  Of course I keep in touch with My HOs in My Stable.  I just dont have time or patience for any new boys trying to get my attention.  Lucky for you, that time has passed and I am back to take ALL that’s mine.  More $$$ more gifts more humiliation more adoration…all of my favorite things 🙂

So much has happened in the last month.  Lots of wonderful gifts and of course cash Cash CA$H from you bitches. German SHITPig came thru and dropped another 350 euros into my fat wallet.  AndyPandie sent his $500 on time as usual and Sissy Fag got promoted to Big Ticket HO!!!  She spent over $1000 on amazon one night while drooling staring at me in my fur.  She also bought the curly hair you see me rocking now.  I love to change my looks so I got my fag bitch to buy me some new hair.  We both LOVE it!!!  Don’t you??

Andrew Hicks is still paying my car note at $550 and paid my  cell phone for another $350.  He still LOVES to get high and get abused by his Goddess. This dumb loser has spent over $35K so far and counting.  My lil dick Loser has also stepped up to the plate buying up all the small stuff he sees on my Wishlist.  Never knew a lil dick could be so useful.  He checks my list daily and can’t wait to snatch up anything $25 or less…LOL!!  He knows he is not worthy to buy  BIG things because he needs constant reminder how small and insignificant he is.  My other piece of shit white boy in the UK White Shit Cunt slithered his way back to my world seeking even more abuse.  Turns out Goddess was right, White Shit Cunt is a professor afterall.  Can you imagine if his students knew that he was really a piece of shit OWNED by a Beautiful Black Goddess?  The class would roar with laughter!!! His dumbass bought me a few nice things too.  Here are a few of the goodies I received.


hot fendi bag from sissy fag she is now a Big Ticket HO

sissy fag got this green leather summer bag too …YUMMY!!! 

juicer from sissy fag…so far i mixed carrots apple orange lemon ginger and beet juice tasted good too

new camera for moms from white shit cunt


my Pet loves to buy handbags for Me… leopard Michael Kors


lil dick is programmed well to buy ALL cheap shit on my WISHLIST!!!


lil dick loser buys ALL dvds 🙂


fluffy new slippers from white shit cunt… u see the crown emblem on there?  fit for a QUEEN!


From now on AndyPandie Nordstrom Bitch has a new AKA.  He is now My Diamond buying White BOY and has the honor to buy his Goddess diamonds from Nordstrom whenever I FEEL LIKE IT  
I got this nice lil trinket for Valentines Day but forgot to give you LOSERS a chance to DROOL over it. 


Item(s): Qty Order Total Status
Nordstrom Diamond Collection Pavé Disc Ring
Unit Price: $2,189.90
Size: 6
Style: 230326
1 $2,189.90 Item(s) shipped on 02/17/09                       

Online tracking is not available for this item.
For assistance, call 1-888-282-6060








Promotion: FREESHIP Promotion Code Applied                       


Pay with a Credit Card:

Bill to:
United Kingdom                Card Type: Master Card
Card #: ****************
Merchandise: $2,189.90
Shipping Charges: $0.00
Sales Tax: 
Shipping Promotion Applied
Order Total: $2,391.51

Christmas CA$H

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Check out my PURCHASED  Christmas WishList. You HOs worked so hard to buy EVERYTHING on it!  In total you loyal pets spent $7150 on the most wonderful presents for your Goddess.  Of course the Top giving Bitches will be rewarded with special privileges and gifts from me.  Special recognition will be given to Sissy Fag since this HO bought the LAST 3 items on my wishlist AFTER Christmas.  Turns out there were three more items unclaimed by Christmas day so this obedient HO swooped in and quickly paid for them.  Now thats how a good Bitch should be.  Here is the breakdown of my Holiday Shopping spree:

Top Christmas HO

AndyPandie Nordstrom ATM Piggie Bitch!  YAY!!!

Nordstrom Shopping Spree = $ 3600 !!!!!

Top Amazon HO

Sissy Fag…Great Job Bitch 🙂

Amazon Wishlist Items = $ 1400 !!!


German ShitPIG.. this Bitch LOVES to go Broke for me

$400 CA$H and 2 amazon gifts!

Honorable Mention

My Pet = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

White Boy Loser = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

Turkey BOY = Amazon Wishlist Item $150

Anonymous LOSER = $100 gift card Victorias Secret 🙂

Surprise Appearance

Pissy = Amazon Wishlist Items $500

(havent heard from this HO in TWO Years!!  good job Bitch)


If you are on this list, it is because you FAILED in gifting your Goddess with a Christmas Present.  If you expect ANY of my attention in 2009…you will rectify this problem IMMEDIATELY buy taking your Sorry ASS to my Wishlist and buying something fassssst!  Otherwise your Dumb Loser self will become best friends with the IGNORE function on my Yahoo msgr 🙂

  1. The Most Stupid White Boy Ever aka Slave Cal
  2. Blondie Boy
  3. Andrew Hicks
  4. Drive By J
  5. White Shit Cunt

MORE Shopping!

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Goddess is surely taking advantage of my Nordstrom ATM Piggie Bitch Andy Pandie and buying more More MORE!!!  Found this great bag and juicy couture sticky notes.  So cute huh???  Everytime my HO gets an email saying there is another order…my White Boy goes crazy!  Oh to be worshipped and adored 🙂
Item(s): Qty Order Total Status
See by Chloé ‘Daytripper’ Shoulder Bag
Unit Price: $449.90
Size: One Size
Style: 235825
1 $449.90 Item(s) shipped on 12/08/08UPS Tracking:
Item(s): Qty Order Total Status
Juicy Couture Sticky Note Cube
Unit Price: $15.90
Size: One Size
Color: MULTI
Style: 225339
1 $15.90 Item(s) shipped on 12/08/08UPS Tracking:
Promotion: HOLIDAY08 Promotion Code AppliedGift Card: NONE APPLIED

Pay with a Credit Card:

Bill to:
United Kingdom
Card Type: Master Card
Card #: ****************
Merchandise: $465.80
Shipping Charges: $0.00
Sales Tax:
Shipping Promotion Applied
Order Total: $503.08

My Nordstrom Atm Piggie is Coming Along Quite Nicely!

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My devoted UK Bitch AndyPandie is conforming to MY needs quite well.  After years of serving me and others, this White Bitch is finally accepting his fate…at my feet dropping lots of CA$H and buying EXPENSIVE gifts.   Not only did he purchase these AWESOME heels from Nordstrom, he also attempted to buy me the Gucci case I wanted from Neimans.  Thank God for DriveBy J to save the day!!! Unfortunately, Andy cannot buy from there since he is in the UK and for some reason his transaction wont go thru.  That’s okay though…Goddess easily comes up with a Plan B.  I have reassigned him to Nordstroms and now he has NO problems buying whatever I want with overnite shipping.  Since he did screw up the Gucci order…he happily made up for it by wiring me CA$H fasssssst.  $800 definitely puts a smile on my face and helps me forget when you HOs fuckup.  This pic is just for you Bitch 🙂



Eat Your Heart out FOOT Bitches!!!

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Last month I added SO many sexy ass heels to my Amazon FOOTBOYS wishlist and you motherfuckers delivered!  I am truly happy like a kid in a candy store playing in all my new shoes.  🙂  SInce you Bitches obviously paid attention and bought the ones I wanted most….why not add more!!! LOL.  Winter is fast approaching so I have added 3 pair of boots and I expect to get ALL THREE.  One is purple of course, my favorite color and the other pair are absolutely to DIE FOR…MUST HAVE repeat MUST HAVE.  Here are the heels you HOs bought for me last month.  ENJOY…



i LOVE these…from BlondieBOY


sexy pumps from German ShitPIG


miss sixty t-straps from a Drive-By


Marciano fringe from German ShitPIG


LAMB stilettos from AndyPandie