BlondieBOYFinancial Domination

BlondieBOY feels about $2500 lighter!!!

My beloved Swedish worshipper and admirer has adjusted well to being my Bitch. He adores my Power and Control and does whatever it takes to please me. Now that he is totally enraptured by my Beauty and Intelligence, he has become nothing more than a puppet for Goddess and only I pull the strings. I have ordered he PAY his Goddess immediately on PAYDAY and of course my good boy can’t wait to obey. Lucky for him, his salary came a week early and BlondieBOY couldn’t wait to tell Goddess the good news. He wired his monthly tribute of $1500 to my account so fast that I know his heart was racing while PAYing me:) He said he couldn’t wait to send me more but his mother and sister were coming in town to visit so he begged to hold on to a bit of his earnings so he could show them a good time on their vacation. He promised to pay me more as soon as they leave so I agreed this time ONLY!

After debating what I should buy with BlondieBOYs cash, my bitch contacted me a few days later to share more good news. His tax return of $1000 arrived and he couldn’t wait to give it to me 🙂 He quickly wired the CA$H to Goddess and was so overjoyed to do so. The thrill of sending me $2500 in less than a week gave my Bitch a MAJOR hardon and deepened his addiction even more. He is also on cumming restriction so at this point ANYTHING makes him hard!  It’s been about 6 weeks so far 🙂

My Bitch was having so much fun spending on me that I ordered him to go buy me something new for my house too. He quickly purchased this Pawleys Island Hammock for my backyard so his lovely Goddess can relax outside in the shade working from my new Macbook 🙂 that he PAID for!! He wrote me this sweet letter after getting raped for so much CA$H :

Hello Goddess

First of all, thank you so much for calling me Goddess, hearing you speak to me is so inspirational and soothing. It really means a lot to me.

I have trouble finding words about what you mean to me, I seem to always think of ways to be able to give to you, for two reasons. Because it is very exciting to provide for you Goddess and also because I want to give something back to you for being there for me, for giving me such pleasure.

I know I will be even better at serving you in the future and I think we can both look forward to a long time of this relationship, where I absolutely love giving to you and you exploit my feelings for you, your beuty and intelligece.

I really think you should be proud of yourself, you really are a bringer of joy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is leading a much happier life thanks to you Goddess

Blondie boy 😉






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