Who Am I

First of all…I am your Owner, Black Mistress, a true Ebony Goddess, Dominant Black Pimp of ALL HOs, Losers, Slaves, Sluts, and SissyFags. I treat you bitches like Shit and you Love it! You Are weak!  you crave Female Dominance in your life.  as a result…you are natural born SLAVEs that are addicted to Domination, Female Supremacy and Financial Control.

I am your MASTER. An exceptional Ebony Queen that demands Worship, Obedience, and for you bitches to kiss my Black Ass. You will go BROKE and BEG for more.  I am Spoiled Rotten and adore humiliation.  go get your toys and dildos so I can Blackmail, Extort, and Manipulate you. Run now if you can’t handle Ball Busting as I squash you like a bug you worthless Whiteboy Bitch. Financially ruin is inevitable. mind and taking control making you my robot is easy. Penetrating your weak little brain and taking control is my specialty. I am an Intelligent Ebony Domme who is smarter than you tricks. You are my robot awaiting my every command…get ON YOUR KNEES!

You need to serve so I will provide guidance. You are nothing without me. I give you purpose. I will train you, mold you, and treat you like the PIECE of SHIT you are!  Humiliation, makes me laugh.  Manipulating you gives me leverage.  Extortion makes me rich!  Blackmail gives me POWER.  I am an expert in all of these areas. No need to fight it any longer.  Your fate is sealed.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am classy, sassy, beautiful, witty and one BoSSY BITCH! Educated at a top University, schooled by pimps and hustlers…my training is REAL.  Having lived in LA, Oakland, Miami, and now Atlanta… I am An experienced Black mistress. A Perfect mix of Cali flavor, Southern comfort and Miami heat… I am All real.  REAL TITS REAL ASS REAL BOSS BITCH. No boob jobs or implants here…100% Dominant Strong Superior Black goddess Bitch.

it is Time for you to submit to me…i know you are dying to fall to your knees and grovel at my feet.  Just remember…don’t beg me to BLACKMAIL you because I will with NO mercy just ask Slave Cal!



16 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. This is my purpose, to worship gorgeous, dominant, ebony queens like your self. I belong underneath your pretty ebony feet.

  2. Not White But Light (skinned) Brother Feeling Submissive After Reading “Who I Am” = You Seem To Have The Power To Make My Submissive Yellow Ass Your High Class “BITCH” Ready To Be Pimped Real Good = Make Dat Money For BOSS LADY

  3. Wow …. you are not only strong and powerful but gorgeous! I want to worship you my strong black queen …. and watch you destroy my gf while I do! 😉

  4. This goddess is the baddest of them all! She smart sexy and drop dead gorgeous! She has gotten ahold of me and I want to give her everything I own because she owns me! I love that she a strong ebony goddess who rules weaklings like me. I love her and would do anything for her! Ebony goddesses like her need to rule the world because white bitches like me are Slaves! The African American race is much more powerful and stronger then any race especially the white race! I’m her nothing bitch who will give her whatever she wants! She owns me and I’m her bitch forever! I’ve never wanted and needed an ebony goddess like I need her! I give my life to her!

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