Blackmail Slave Cal

This is Blackmail slave cal in Delaware  


(do you like the updated pic?? lol)

  aka….  The Stupidest White Boy Ever!

slave cal begged Me for blackmail many years ago so he will FOREVER be owned by Me.  he used to send Me cash, credit cards, and lots of gifts.  although it was been a few years since he has served,  I know he misses Me needs Me will SERVE AGAIN$$

he will ALWAYS be My bitch. 

Ms Beauty, i cannot stop thinking of you. Forgive me for talking about my thoughts and feelings, i just want you to know the effect you have on me.  During the past three weeks that i have been in your service i have felt complete as if i have now filled a void that has been missing all my life. The need to serve a true Goddess who will keep me in my proper place, serving at her feet.  my day starts when i awake in the morning with my cock straining against its cage. That is when i remember, it is not my cock,  it belongs to my beautiful Ebony Goddess! And i have the extreme pleasure of being owned and in the service of my Goddess.

Throughout my day i am reminded may times that i am owned as i press against my cage. When i arrive home my first thought is to check to see if my Queen has contacted her slave and has any instructions for me. When i go to bed at night my thoughts are with you once again as i lay there knowing i am owned. Knowing i must ask for permission even to have sex with my wife.  But i serve my Goddess first and know i must obey her commands. My Queen is the only woman that can grant me the release i crave and need.  The way you talk to me, reminding me that i am your Bitch and owned by you, keeps me in my proper place worshiping at your feet.

Your captivating smile, gorgeous breasts, absolutely wonderful ass and graceful legs and feet render me helpless.  Reminding me that you are a truly beautiful Ebony Goddess. Your intelligence and personality are as captivating as your beauty.  You are the real thing!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you without destroying my home life. i hope to be in your service for as long as you will allow me.  i will show my devotion by tributing you monthly as well as other tributes for special occasions as my finances will allow.  i will give all that i am able in order to keep my Ebony Queen as comfortable as she should be.  i also desire to show my devotion by pledging my allegiance to you through the signing of a slave contract.  i wish to legally belong to you! Giving you complete control!

Thank you for your time and attention my Goddess.

Your slave cal 

 Where is My NEW credit card bitch?

2 thoughts on “Blackmail Slave Cal

  1. I’m a white boy that would love to completely submit to you. Ebony women are superior to every other race. Would love to kneel before you on my hands and knees to praise you worship and pray to you my Godess

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