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Back Home…New Gifts🎁

Hey hos…Goddess is finally back home in ATL after a month long vacay! It was awesome I had a great time in Hawaii and LA. So relaxing and good to see family after pandemic delays. My girl👧 sponsored My trip sending Me apple pays🍎 and amazon dollars to spend. thanks bitch…I used your cash to stock up on My edibles and top notch weed😄. And you dummies stop saying My apple pay link doesn’t work…you go open a text, address it to MSBEAUTYISBOSS@gmail.com and click the APPLE and PAY ME bitch its not that hard.  I will IMMEDIATELY BLOCK anyone who says that to Me again.  I know y’all dumb but dang!  Get it together.

Anyway, I was super happy to cum home to lots of Amazon packages!  Not sure who surprised Me this time but needless to say I LOVE IT💘.  I got new sandals, jewelry, beauty products and more.  Oink oink piggies 🐽


these cuties look great with My new tan 🍫 ….thanks ummm who bought these???

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