Available Positions

Would you like to be my new bitch?  Are you a wimp for Financial Domination?  Need to serve, yearn to give, need to be USED??? Lucky for you, I am accepting new slaves to add to My stable. If you think you are the right slave for the position, don’t hesitate.  Drop to your knees, make your purchase and contact Me immediately.  I Pimp HOs from all over… you can be of use to Me from anywhere in the world…



Gift Card ho – Yummy dinners, free movies, and shopping sprees…all PAID by you Loser.  You will check My WISHLIST for gift cards of my choice and buy then quickly.  Just imagine, you can PAY for me to shop no matter where you live.  I spend, you pay. It’s perfect.  Make yourself useful to me.  Expect to buy two or more gift cards a month.  More if you are able, the more the better.   Perfect for the broke bitch 🙂  EASY


FootboyAre you obsessed about feet, toes, and shoes??  Then you should be My footbitch.  you are allowed to buy Me shoes and pay for pedicures.  I have received over 200 pairs of shoes over the years…I WANT MORE. Expect to buy at least one pair of shoes per month and one pedicure per month. MEDIUM DIFFICULTY

BOOTbitch Self explanatory…you are a sucker for boots and die to see Goddess wearing the latest sexy boots. Then buy Me some bitch.  Add to My collection.  Expect to buy one pair every month, more if you are able.  you can lick my boots on cam too loser.   MEDIUM DIFFICULTY
Shopping SlutJust as it sounds! you go to My WISHLIST weekly and buy buy buy.  you are addicted.  you are a crackhead and your fix is shopping for your Goddess.  you junkie can’t stop buying.  I LOVE that shit.  Get to it bitch.  HARD
PIG – Oink Oink.  you are my pay PIG you send me cash Cash and more CA$H.  you are an atm and loved to be USED for your money.  you give it freely until it is all gone.  Then you go back and work hard and get Me more More MORE!!   you do not have to be rich to be a PIG but you must be generous and give it all bitch.   HARD
Credit Card SlaveJust like Slave Cal and Dumbass before you…send Me a credit card and I spend it as I please. Mail it to Me already activated and ready to use.  I will max it out with ease.  you can read the credit card statements and  jerk off your little cock knowing I am spending your money all over town!   VERY DIFFICULT
Luxury Loser PIGThis is the most difficult position to fill.  It requires large finances and/or high credit card limits.  You will buy exclusively on my Goddess Loves Purple Wishlist which consists of  luxury items.  Expect to spend over $800 at a time.  This is for the fearless slave who wishes to be USED to the fullest.  Knowing your Goddess has the finest that money can buy gives you satisfaction and happiness.  you will do whatever it takes and work your ass off to buy Me more.  you will earn favor with Me and be given special privileges by fulfilling  this position.   MOST DIFFICULT OF ALL



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