GoddessLoves GOLD🌟

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My new Jewelry from Saks paid for by johnnyboy is finally here.  My bracelet is PERFECT 💕 I love Saks OFF so much I made a wishlist there too! Now you losers can buy Me luxury items at 40-70% OFF!!! Make sure you select KLARNA at checkout for the payment plan.  They will break up your payment over 8 weeks to make it easier on you hoes.  Just add a credit card to sign up….you welcome bitch💸

14k gold starburst bolo bracelet 😍don’t worry you can trick off for Goddess too AND still save money!  Check out the new gift list …

SAKS OFF Wishlist

good job white boy 👍🏾


Drunk Loser Spends it ALL💸

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I haven’t heard from johnnyboy…My white boy in Minnesota in a minute!!! But when I did… BAM💥 he gets wasted and goes broke for Me.  This is after he dropped another $450 a few days before.  It’s safe to say he REALY MISSED ME!!! he blabbed on and on all night long talking and paying talking and paying.  he was soooo drunk and stoopid LOL.

After texting and talking for a few hours I just had to find another way to use My bitch.  I demanded his credit card info and used it to set up a Klarna account.  Have you heard of it??  You just sign up with a credit card and whatever you buy gets broken down into 4 biweekly payments…isn’t that AWESOME!  Now you hoes can buy Me something expensive today and pay for it over time.  Makes it easier for you..your welcome😃. Not only did johnnyboy PAY OFF My Klarna account but he even started his own…buying Me jewelry from Saks.com  whiteboy’s wallet is about $1500 lighter…Thanks bitch😘

Back Home…New Gifts🎁

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Hey hos…Goddess is finally back home in ATL after a month long vacay! It was awesome I had a great time in Hawaii and LA. So relaxing and good to see family after pandemic delays. My girl👧 sponsored My trip sending Me apple pays🍎 and amazon dollars to spend. thanks bitch…I used your cash to stock up on My edibles and top notch weed😄. And you dummies stop saying My apple pay link doesn’t work…you go open a text, address it to MSBEAUTYISBOSS@gmail.com and click the APPLE and PAY ME bitch its not that hard.  I will IMMEDIATELY BLOCK anyone who says that to Me again.  I know y’all dumb but dang!  Get it together.

Anyway, I was super happy to cum home to lots of Amazon packages!  Not sure who surprised Me this time but needless to say I LOVE IT💘.  I got new sandals, jewelry, beauty products and more.  Oink oink piggies 🐽


these cuties look great with My new tan 🍫 ….thanks ummm who bought these???