Goddess LOVES New Shoes💕

My atl hoe that chooses to remain anonymous spoiled ur Goddess with New Kicks for My LA vacay…thank you bitch😘my new local bitch spent THOUSANDS on Goddess in just 10 days!! So many gifts to show off…more pics coming soon!


Custom ID’s made for Me by Me …biatch👦

I SEE u looooser 👀

Now this little piece of shit BEGGEDDDDD Me to pay Me a huge fine and be released from his blackmail contract with a promise he would NEVER come back again!!!  Luckily he caught Me on  a good day… so I agreed to his request.  Well looky here visiting My site using a LAME anonymous browser that clearly doesn’t work.  I see you looooser in Trondheim Norway trying to see what Goddess is up to.  Silly white boy…now you must PAY ME oink oink🐽 Did you think I would NOT find out dummy?? Remember hoes


this MY world.. you just get to PAY ME to say hi and I reply whenever I feel like it 🖕🏾

Happy Fathers Day🙎🏻‍♂️

I hope all My Daddy hoes have a nice Fathers Day!! It seems as though My bitches that are good dads too tend to be more loyal and reliable…kinda make sense right?? Well happy daddy day to all of you 😬 Do you like My new Movado watch, Robert Cavalli sunglasses and diamond rings for EVERY finger from My local bitch here in ATL he went CRAZY shopping for me spending💰 💵

I spent the day with My Dad the Father of the Ultimate Black Goddess Ms Beauty👑grilling steaks, shrimp kabobs🍤 YUMMY We had a nice day hope u did too!



These BOOTS are FIRE! thanks texas bitch yeehaw🐎

I know My red boots have you in a trance…stop staring START SHOPPING get to My footboy wishlist and Spoil Me too!


Goddess LOVES Gift Cards 💙💳

ATL hoe is the best!!! More gift cards delivered SAME DAY right to My doorstep.  The rest of you bitches need to step it up because My new local bitch is putting you all to shame.  Work overtime, get a second job, go suck sum dick ho, do whatever it takes and get Me some MORE gifts More $$ SPOIL ME LOSERS oink oink🐷

Monkey See Monkey Do 🐵

Goddess has a NEW SLAVE right here in Atlanta!!!  As expected he is a scary ass pussy bitch afraid to meet in person but at least he shops really well 😍hopefully one day soon he will work up the courage to meet Me here in the city and bring Me lots of cash💰

I have had a crush on you for a long time. You are so beautiful.  I’ve been thinking about submitting for basically my entire life. And you’re really magnificent.  I think I am addicted to your power over me.  I didn’t expect you to have so much power over me so quickly. But all I can do is daydream about giving you money. All freaking day it’s all I think about. 

My new bitch  gift wrapped My present just like texas bitch yeehaw🐎

he paid for My flight to LA at the end of the month with these gift cards…thanks bitch!

And I hope you have a great trip to LA. Don’t ever forget how beautiful you are.