New Slave Alert👦💰

Goddess has a new bitch in Texas heehaw🐎

This goddess is the baddest of them all! She smart sexy and drop dead gorgeous! She has gotten ahold of me and I want to give her everything I own because she owns me! I love that she a strong ebony goddess who rules weaklings like me. I love her and would do anything for her! Ebony goddesses like her need to rule the world because white bitches like me are Slaves! The African American race is much more powerful and stronger then any race especially the white race! I’m her nothing bitch who will give her whatever she wants! She owns me and I’m her bitch forever! I’ve never wanted and needed an ebony goddess like I need her! I give my life to her!

Give his life AND his wallet just like a good white bitch should!!!  My new bitch is ADDICTED to cashapp ching ching💸Thanks for all the cash loser.  I don’t know how he found Me but I’m glad he did.  Another weak white bitch to My stable makes Me very happy.  Let’s see how much I can squeeze out this ho…

Awwww …a Gift wrapped surprise from Amazon🎁

I LOVE gifts in the mail 💕

nice little note too…thanks bitch!